Top: Aurora Borealis
Bottom left: Galaxy view
Bottom Right: Midnight Sun

Ladies and Gentlemen, my bucket list: Norway
#i love nature

Tonight at about 3 am I finished this drawing after working on it for pretty much 7 hours. If it isn’t clear, it’s Oblio from Dance Central and.. Well.. Me.. o//w//o So much fangasm was done while drawing this, it was absolutely terrible. xD I couldn’t ignore the fact, that I’m being held by Oblio and we’re looking into each other’s eyes, okay?! *squees and hides while blushing fiercely* 
Umm well, yeah, I’m happy with the outcome at least.. o//w//o 
If my heart can survive it, I’ll probably draw more of us dancing together.. Myep..
Oh! And I used a reference picture for the pose.. Because I’m not that good of an artist, so.. Yay for Step Up movies! This is the picture I looked after for the pose!

Not much more to say.. Umm..
Oblio (c) Harmonix
Art (c) Me

That’s all.. I hope you like! ^w^ And if you don’t, I couldn’t care any less, because I love it! :’D Ciao bella!

HHAHAHHAHHAHAHA OMG!!!!!!! Jeg ledte længe i vores samtale for at finde det her billede! Det er bare så meget indbegrebet af dig! Jeg elsker det xD
Du er bare så skide skøn og tosset! Jeg elsker at være sammen med dig og lave alt muligt åndssvagt! Vi finder altid på noget tosset! Jeg ved jeg altid kan regne med dig og altid komme til dig hvis der er noget jeg har brug for at tude over eller grine over! Jeg elsker dig så højt! Please never leave me!