235 of 365 | currently reading “Seroks” by David Hontiveros and illustrated by Alan Navarra (@arnavarra).
“A world where the truth is ugly and a fake can be a hero.”
I haven’t read that far but I would recommend this book because it is well written and I think it tackles a lot of issues in our country. Like how the media affects the people and how some people are ‘cloned’ and has ‘defects’ and how these affect their attitude and personalities. Its a well written book and I also love the artworks in this book. :) #leo365days #LeoRecommends #books #bookworm #Seroks #IsupportPhilippineLiterature #IsupportFilipinoAuthors

234 of 365 | ‘Alternative Alamat’. I love reading Philippine Literature. In think the generation today are influenced so much by social media to like foreign literature like ‘Divergent’, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘Paper Towns’, etc. That they, in a way, bury our literature. Don’t get me wrong, I read the books I mentioned above and liked them but I still go to the bookstore and just go through the Philippine Literature section and browse for possible new reads. I got this one and will start reading soon. Its a new take on folklores/alamat. Sounds interesting and looking forward to start reading. :) #leo365days #books #IsupportPhilippineLiterature #IsupportFilipinoAuthors #AlternativeAlamat