anonymous said:

Where do you watch Running Man latest episodes on Monday? (Eng Subs)

Monday, hmm we usually we for the Chinese subs out on Sunday night. For English subs, we used to use kshownow ->myksn, not sure whether it updates on Mondays or Tuesdays?

similar qn


There used to be iSUBS, but there was a lot of issues and stuff, this site is for soft subs: X, never used them before so not sure whether it is under a different subbing team. It is quite to miss out a line or 2 during subbing especially when they all talk together and stuff, so you can try different versions ^^

Thanks weegle5~ Kshowonline updates on Tuesdays~

Edit: Other sites… dramafever(location restriction) and from past experience, uses the sub from dramafever for their video(no location restriction), dramafire was quite good with the subs for ER, not sure about RM ^^ And you can follow Runmanclub, they have an update status at the side

The rest of the messages we will reply after Thursday, cause we will be slightly busy these few days… ^^

spadenoace said:

hey just a note the Capable One and the Commander both refer to the same name 능력자 (neung-ryuk-ja) - literally the "capable one" but I think it was iSUBS that made the Commander since it has a nice ring to it

Thank you for this spadenoace I just feel like they have different meaning when you assess it, Capable One means someone who can do anything… Commander means some who is in charge (doesn’t mean he can do everything) so I included them in separate numbers :)

But still, thank you for this great information!