istolethislight asked:

I read your post about drawing in pen, maybe you should try a life drawing class, i find it can be very fulfilling and you must work quick in 1 &2 min poses so u have no time to think about mistakes

ahhh, thankyou! ill try that when i have time. right now ive got so much going on i can hardly find time to workout let alone work on my art :’).

(tumblr won’t let me reply to replies anymore so i’m replying to dylan [istolethislight- awesome blog go check out his photography] here who suggested confidence classes for my shyness)

to be honest it’s been my personality my whole life, i’m a lot more confident than i used to be so i’m just hoping that’ll carry on increasing with time but i’m sure shyness will always be with me. just hopefully under control. Also dude we need to hang out now i’m back! i