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 The usually tense atmosphere aboard the Enterprise was unusually calm as the day continued to pass, for the most part, uneventfully, which made T’androma inexplicably uncomfortable. She was all too used to the drama that came with conquering planets; in fact, she practically thrived on it. And the sudden lack of tension between competing officers was disconcerting. Even when she wasn’t on the bridge, there was always something to do. 

 The ensign intended to go to her quarters. Perhaps there’d be a certain junior grade lieutenant on the way there that she could annihilate, but that would be far too easy. The opportunity had presented itself to her more than once, but each time it was with an opponent that didn’t stand even a sliver of a chance. If she were to fight someone, she wanted it to be at least somewhat challenging. Granted, the chances of finding anyone that stood a chance against her was extremely slim, save for Spock of course, who she wouldn’t complete against unless it was absolutely necessary.

 On the way to her quarters, it seemed her Commander had different intentions for her destination.

 ”Commander,” her greeted, saluting him. “Do you require my assistance with something?”