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Israel sends emergency aid to earthquake victims in Nepal! Meanwhile, continuing the siege of 1.8 million Palestinians inside their homeland, controlling how much aid, medicine, electricity, fuel, clean water, including the amount of food they can have !!!
hypocrite world !!

No amount of Israeli aid relief can erase the dismembered bodies, the incinerated infants and the corpses trapped under the rubble in Gaza. A government that executes 2300 human beings stuffed into an open-air prison knows no compassion or notion of relief.


“Dear Robbie, playing this concert on May 2 would be giving your tacit support to the deaths of over 500 Palestinian children last summer in Gaza, including the four soccer players on the beach in Gaza, and condoning the arrest and abuse of hundreds of Palestinian children each year living under Israeli occupation, as has been documented by UNICEF itself.”

One UK superstar to another: If you take children and human rights seriously, please don’t play Israel


Images from Qitoun checkpoint in Al-Khalil (Hebron) at school time, as bags are checked, military harassment continues, bikes are struggled over fences, parents walk with their children, and children go to school everyday despite the obstacles they face on the way. 28 April 2015
via Christian Peacemaker Teams

Israel’s use of international disaster aid to burnish its blood-soaked image is a well-worn routine and amounts to official policy.

“You are being sent to an important mission,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the army personnel bound for Nepal. “This is the real face of Israel – a country which does all in its power in such moments.”

In 2013, Israel deployed assistance teams to the Philippines after thousands were killed by Typhoon Haiyan.

It mounted a sophisticated multimedia propaganda effort, including a dedicated Twitter account and YouTube videos, to boast about its efforts.

Israel criticized for touting Nepal rescue while Gaza is still in ruins