Ancient Aqueduct Unearthed In Jerusalem

Workers building a sewer line in Jerusalem unearthed a section of the ancient lower aqueduct, which had long been one of the city’s principal sources of water.

Constructed by the Hasmonean kings more than 2,000 years ago to provide clean water to Jerusalem, the aqueduct was part of an elaborate water supply system devised for a city that had experienced a number of droughts.

The water conduit functioned intermittently until about 100 years ago, when it was replaced by a modern electrically operated system.

Unearthed in Umm Tuba, an Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem, the aqueduct begins at the Eitam spring near Solomon’s Pools, three reservoirs south of Bethlehem that are the heart of the water system, and is approximately 13 miles long. Read more.


Amar escaped the repression in Eritrea as a teenager in order to find a better life. A grueling journey led him to Israel and a small school for undocumented migrants known as Nitzana. While the school welcomed him with open arms, Israeli policy does not, and he will soon have to survive on his own. (x)


On this day, before 67-years, The residents of the village of Tantura were subjected to a horrific massacre. In one of the pictures the Zionists gangs forced the Tantura residence to dig mass graves to bury the martyrs who were executed in cold blood. In the second picture the Zionists gang members were separating the men from their families to prepare them for the worst, and in the third picture it shows the gang members as they take Tantura’s prisoners to an unknown place…!