Israel is constructing the world’s largest detention center. With a capacity of eight thousand people, this detention center is geared toward the incrimination of Eritrean, Sudanese, and other African asylum seekers who are deemed infiltrators under the recently amended 1954 Prevention of Infiltration Law for “threatening to change the character of the state,” refugees can be detained without rials for period of three years, and could even be held indefinitely. As part of the Zionist logic to keep Israel an exclusionary national home for Jews, this law was originally intended to imprison Palestinian refugees who were returning to their homes after the 1948 Al-Nakba. The law therefore simultaneously criminalizes Palestinians who defy dispossession and the illegal occupation of their homelands by asserting their right to return, as well as African refugees fleeing Western imperialism and structural poverty.
—  Harsha Walia, Undoing Border Imperialism

And to be quite honest, we do not care about the Israeli society. We don’t care to humanize or dehumanize them, although the latter is more appropriate. We will never buy into this two-sides two-equal-suffering all-we-want-is-peace bullshit. We don’t want peace with Zionists or with anyone that reaps the profits from a inherently violent jingoistic colonial system.

And this might disappoint you greatly, but we don’t advocate for transitional justice nor do we have the luxury talking about truth and reconciliation when being bombed, fragmented and deprived of our most basic rights. Transitional justice is for white people. We want revenge from the system that stripped us of our humanity.

To the Israeli society in general: Coexistence is not on the agenda. We do not have the time to waste waiting for Israel’s radicals to make a social revolution or convince their society that Zionism sucks. We are not imploring, beseeching, or asking you. We demand an end to the occupation, for you to break out of the prisons you have for minds, and for the love of all things good and holy, end the siege on Gaza.

PFLP leader Jarrar ordered deported to Jericho from Ramallah in dawn raid

Occupation forces raided the home of Khalida Jarrar, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in Ramallah early on Wednesday morning, August 20, handing her an order for deportation within 24 hours to Jericho for an indefinite period.

The occupation forces attempted to force Jarrar to take sign the order, which she refused. A soldier read the text aloud, saying that the military courts, due to information from the occupation intelligence and security services, have ordered Jarrar to be deported to Jericho within 24 hours and to remain for an indefinite period within the city limits of Jericho; the soldiers left a map of the Jericho city limits.

Jarrar, a well-known prisoner advocate and chair of the prisoners’ committee of the PLC, refused to sign the order and plans to meet with her lawyer today. This is the one of the first times occupation forces have attempted to deport Palestinian political leaders internally, from one city to another inside the West Bank, since the mid-1980s.

Hamas executes 18 Palestinian "collaborators" with Israel outside mosque in front of worshipers


Just in case you were still wondering, the answer is yes: Hamas and ISIS are two branches of the same evil tree. 

from Reuters:

Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel on Friday, a day after Israeli forces killed three Hamas commanders, the highest-ranking militants to die in the six-week war.

Militants wearing masks and dressed in black gunned down seven of those condemned, whose faces were covered and hands bound, in front of worshippers emerging from the Omari mosque on Palestine Square, in the first public executions in the enclave since the 1990s.

A further 11 were killed at an abandoned police station near Gaza City, Hamas security officials said. Two bodies were seen being loaded onto an ambulance before Reuters journalists were told to leave the area.

"The resistance has begun an operation called ‘strangling the necks’, targeting collaborators who aid the (Israeli) occupation, kill our people and destroy houses," said Al-Majd, a website run by Hamas’s internal security service.

A so-called conviction letter signed by the “Palestinian Resistance” was posted on a wall near where the bodies of the alleged collaborators lay. The notice read:

"They provided the enemy with information about the whereabouts of fighters, tunnels of resistance, bombs, houses of fighters and places of rockets, and the occupation bombarded these areas, killing a number of fighters … Therefore, the ruling of revolutionary justice was handed upon him."

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A mass murder of their own people.  This is the kind of unimaginable brutality that radical Islamic jihadism leads to. 

It’s time for people to wake up and stop acting like Hamas are the good guys.

If your synagogue or church has one of those “We Stand With Israel” signs outside on the front lawn, then you can’t claim that Israel’s actions have nothing to do with you.

If you or your parents have ever donated to a zionist cause like Friends of the IDF, then you can’t claim that Israel’s actions have nothing to do with you.

If you have ever volunteered or in any way associated with zionist groups like the ADL or the Simon Wiesenthal Center, then you can’t claim that Israel’s actions have nothing to do with you.

If you have ever been on a so-called Birthright trip, then you can’t claim that Israel’s actions have nothing to do with you.

If you are a zionist, then you can’t claim that Israel’s actions have nothing to do with you. 

You are complicit in the murder, the torture, the occupation, the dispossession, the genocide that is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people. And hiding behind the fact that you are not Israeli yourself is not going to absolve you of your responsibility for these crimes.

This is Daniel.

He was 4 years old when a rocket. fired from Gaza, killed him on Friday August 22nd.

He left parents, a 3 years old sister and a 6 months baby brother.

share this to show Hamas’ rockets DO hurt innocent people and children.

share the truth.

May he rest in peace.

A rocket fired from Gaza hit a synagogue in the Israeli city of Ashdod on Friday, wounding three people, police said.

"There is damage at the scene and a number of people were injured by shrapnel," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. The attack came shortly before evening prayers ahead of the Jewish Sabbath. Ashdod is around 20 miles from Gaza.

Hamas and other militant groups fired more than two dozen rockets into Israel on Friday, injuring two other people, with no signs of a let up in the six-week war.

Israel carried out 25 air strikes on Gaza, killing four people, Gaza health officials said.

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Say what you want about the Palestinian people, but Hamas is a most definitely a terrorist organization.  The good news is that Israel and we are picking them off one by one.

ISIS/ISIL/IS = Hamas = Boko Haram = al-Qaeda = Hezbollah = Taliban