Curve descent pattern by Oleg Soroko

This series of prints I made during my experimentation with code. I used “Gradient descent” and “Marching Cubes” algorithms. First, I created a mesh in rhino with a script. Then render the model in 3ds max. Then a bit of color correction in Photoshop. In massive series i combine lines and isosurfaces. In minimal series i decided to show only isosurfaces.

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3d Type 1 Nucleonic Flux Tubes

3d Type 1 Nucleonic Flux Tubes

2 N=three flux tubes interacting to type a 6-vortex and a couple of N=-1 type a N=-2 within the charged proton neutron system. Blue is a Gauge power density (E^2 +B^2) isosurface, inexperienced the neutron condensate -zero.04 from the vev , pink is the proton condensate with isosurface zero.5 away from the vev. the proton density is…

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