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So we made it! Another hundred in only one month! ♥

I was going to make a pack, but I got no suggestions or answers whatsoever so I thought, why bothering? Instead, I decided to create something I’ve never done before, and here it is the result! A purple isolating psd. Thank you all who visit our blog, and keep requesting, we love to help! :) 


Remember, for the sake of logic, if your picture doesn’t have shades of purple/blue/magenta, this psd won’t work. 

Because lately I've seen a lot of people using Isolated PSD's on their graphics, I decided to go on a little hunt for isolated PSD's. So under the cut, there are groups of different isolated psd's. Please reblog/like if this has helped you in any way, shape, or form. P.S I spent like 3 hours looking for these, and they weren't easy to find omg.

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psd by ßreakeditions {{and a isolate!(for individual use)}} so much resources for you  。◕ϖ◕。 all our resources are free, so please like/reblog the post. we do all the resources for you so respect and don’t respost or claim as your own ( or i will kill you ☠ , hahaha just kidding ♡ ) . your like/reblog inspire us to much more ↬ ♣download♣

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PSD #22 - Screencap/GIF color isolation

I really wanted to try doing some color isolation and this was the result. The Select > Color Range method is good, but not recommended if you have lots of caps/gifs to work on. I made PSDs to make my life easier. I thought of sharing them with you.

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  • Do not claim as yours
  • .zip file containing 4 separate PSDs for each color
  • Tested on CSI caps/gifs only so far
  • You can try it on other shows, but I can’t guarantee the same results
  • You might still need to do some fix because the isolation is not 100% accurate
  • Download: MF | DA