Sun breaks late by Neil Kremer
Via Flickr:
I felt like overdoing it. Downtown Los Angeles, CA shot from a rooftop in the fashion district. Panorama from 3 images merged in Photoshop.

The Shadows Attack, by HamedMusharbak

over a month i didn’t post any new image and here is a new artwork taken last month with the new Canon M3 mirror less camera with 11-22mm wide lens i spent a 3 hours in this area exploring some new angles with the camera actually i like the quality of image produced by this camera but in overall i didn’t like the camera for one reason which is “very slow” comparing it to other mirror less camera like Sony or Olympus. anyway this is was my first shot in that day and i was lucky to find such as these tree on the top of dunes where the sun was exactly behind them which help me to get the shadows lines perfectly :) this shot blend of 2 exposures the apreture on f/16, ISO 100 THANKS FOR WATCHING IN ADVANCE!!

anonymous asked:

have fun with your "messi" title rest of the team ain't worth shit

Ah yes, the rest of my team

  • Claudio Bravo, 19 goals conceded in the whole season, leader for the Zamora trophy in his first season at a top team
  • Marc Andre Ter Stegen, 23 years old, Champions League keeper (and in the final!!)
  • Gerard Pique, re-established as one of the best CBs in the world
  • Dani Alves, most assists to Lionel Messi
  • Javier Mascherano, tore his anus in the World Cup and kept playing
  • Jordi Alba, one box to the other in ELEVEN SECONDS
  • Sergio Busquets, unsung hero of Barca
  • Ivan Rakitic, captain of the Sevilla side that won the Europa League
  • Andres Iniesta, El Ilusionista, who sacrificed his influence and took one for the team by adapting his role to let those in front of him shine
  • Xavi, 750+ appearances (150 in the CL), La Masia graduate and legend
  • Luis Suarez, last year’s European Golden Shoe and Premier League top scorer
  • Neymar, captain of Brazil, 42 international goals at the age of 23, who just broke Eto’o’s record for Barcelona with 37 goals

And the rest of the team, who of course have their own achievements. Definitely “ain’t worth shit”.