The Markiplier-Fan’s group made a journal entry earlier and I’m not okay with their new rule.

They’re saying they won’t be accepting any -iplier characters from here on out. That means any Darkiplier or MarkiplierOC artist is forbidden from posting their art to the group. 

Mark ONLY checks this fan group. He even has it listed on his youtube channel. To me, it’s not fair to tell artists what they can/can’t submit. It’s pigeonholing them to only draw Mark and if they ever wanted to submit anything else, well now they can’t. 

Mark encourages the appearances and the creation of Darkiplier and any iplier OC’s. Some have even been shown to him and he has expressed positive response to them. Mark mentions in one of his much older video’s. “Everyone should have their own Darkiplier.” So cutting out the sub fandom is against any and everything Mark has every tried to teach us.

I suggested that they should create a separate folder for the -iplier characters. I encourage all of you with a deviantart account to voice your opinion on the matter as well. Please, be polite and tell them you’re not okay with this! 


While Kennedy and I completely appreciate what these kids are trying to do with their modern take on drag: old school is the only school, honey! The two of them are in the corner playing dress up, like it’s kindergarten. 


Why? coz they’ve been asked these questions over & over & over, almost in every interview! Sometimes, repetition isn't healthy at all!
At some point, you’ll get really sick & tired of being asked the same questions for like millions of times!
Just a quick search into Shinhwa’s past interviews & you’ll find dozens of satisfying answers for these questions, & save time for new ones that make fans know more about Shinhwa.
Creativity is so beautiful! Let’s try it in questions asked to Shinhwa. ;)
p.s.: Shinhwa AREN’T OLD! It’s just that some other idols are so young! No need to bring up their age thing every time! Let’s move on~
As Jinnie said, Age is just a number! & being in ur 30s doesn’t necessarily mean u’ll  feel exhausted on stage after dancing to ur songs.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the space crack au that is totally going to be the new spin off and I have concluded that:

  • Dean would 100% say “set phasers to AWESOME” at some point and everyone would be embarrassed for him.
  • Charlie would end up inadvertently starting a civil war amongst the natives on a newly discovered planet inhabited entirely by robots because she maybe mixed up some code when hacking into their central banking system.
  • But in the end it all works out and they make her their new queen and build a gigantic bronze statue of her face that can be seen from space.
  • Sam becomes fluent in dozens of space languages and signs up for a spelling bee on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy after Kevin bets him he would never win.
  • He totally wins tho and Dean mounts the trophy on the dashboard of their spaceship.
  • Said spaceship is no replacement for Baby but he decks her out in the same colors to make it feel more like home.
  • He maybe calls her Space Baby idk I haven’t decided yet.
  • “Dean what sort of spaceship has a cassette player?”
  • “It’s all about authenticity, Cas.”
  • “He’s right, Dean. An ipod jack would be more practical.”
  • “Shut it, Sam. We’ve been over this…”
  • Space Team Free Will (which includes 100% alive and well Charlie and Kevin) make frequent stops on Jody’s Planet for Wayward Daughters and Claire continuously mocks Dean’s spaceship building skills until he finally challenges her to try and make a better one.
  • Not only does she build a more aesthetically pleasing spaceship, but hers is more fuel efficient and more spacious.
  • Dean’s tries to act grumpy about it but he’s actually just really proud of her and maybe slips her a brand new phaser as a reward for being so awesome.
  • Space mini-golf is a thing that happens after they discover a planet made up entirely of nothing but mini-golf courses and grumpy old men wearing dockers and grumbling about the kids stealing their putters.
  • Dean has never felt more at home than he does on that planet.
  • Death pretends like he’s so annoyed with having to be an intergalactic babysitter but he eventually stops bringing his scythe with him in favor of bringing along huge bags of junk food from Earth and Dean lets him sit in the captain’s chair sometimes and okay maybe it’s not so bad especially after they found that planet with an economy based entirely in trans fats.
  • Every time they show up on a planet where they don’t speak the language it’s no problem because Cas is fluent in literally all of them.
  • Cas also knows all of the best chill spots in every galaxy.
  • Even traveling through space they are never alone and never homeless because they have each other and it’s more than they ever imagined they would have. :’)

wu3 asked:

wait im confused what happened in that duggar family in that message? heres the police report heres an article with more information and another more 

basically josh duggarr molested four or five of his sisters and did not receive jail time nor did his family/friends that knew about it after keeping the secret for years