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Forecast for tongue-biting: high

This weekend will be the first in over six months that my husband has off work (since starting his new job - retail is the worst). In some ways I’m really excited about spending more time together, but it won’t be all family time - we’re going away with some of his friends and their families.
A few years ago, I wouldn’t have minded at all, because I considered these people my friends too. But time and circumstances change, and after the lack of support (and the belittling, too - but that’s another story) around the time F was born, showed that perhaps they weren’t really my friends after all. And it will be precious time for the husband to spend time with his mates, but I’m really not looking forward to hanging out with the wives.


You can’t just keep this crap in.
Watch me.

RinHaru Week▕ Closing ceremony: Red, like the thread that ties us

many thanks to the people behind this successful event, you guys should be proud of yourselves as well as everyone who has participated in one way or another! you all rock ♡ it would be fantastic if it lasted longer, but everything good must come to an end. whatever it is that makes haru and rin return to each other over and over again, though… that is eternal :’)

petition for Chrissie to never have a Sugbun in the oven

I really wish the Dalish had retained a little more about Ghilan’nain.  I want an excuse for my Lavellan to call her ‘Mother of Monsters’ and use her name to curse people.

Ghilan’nain created a menagerie of horrors and wonders so varied and awesome that Andruil - the goddess who took regular jaunts into the in-universe version of HELL on HUNTING TRIPS - was finally like, ‘yo, seriously, this stuff is too dangerous; we’ll make you a god if you destroy your pets and don’t make any more.’ 

And the codex entry ‘The Ascension of Ghilan’nain’ basically says ‘she created a leviathan and a kraken and possibly Scylla and Charybdis and she was so proud of what she’d done that she let them live and just shoed them into deeper waters.’

That?  That is the kind of goddess you yell for when you want someone destroyed.  You might call on Elgar’nan for the ordinary, direct kind of bloody vengeance, but if you want someone to suffer?  You call down a goddess who can hand-craft horrors to haunt their steps, hunt them down, rend them to pieces and then crunch their bones to splinters.

it is so important to me that people realize their full worth.


The emotions had been as clear on her face as if they were spelled out in words across her forehead: surprise, as she unknowingly absorbed the signs of the subtle differences between her kind and mine, curiosity, as she listened to Jessica’s tale, and something more…fascination? It wouldn’t be the first time. We were beautiful to them, our intended prey. Then, finally, embarrassment as I caught her staring at me. And yet, though her thoughts had been so clear in her odd eyes—odd, because of the depth to them; brown eyes often seemed flat in their darkness—I could hear nothing but silence from the place she was sitting. Nothing at all.”


MirrorVerse McKirk - Serial Killers AU based on this post

"…Police have said they have little, if any, evidence to go on. The killer covered their tracks meticulously, not leaving a single trace behind. The body of the victim was apparently skinned after being killed, so no chance of any DNA evidence being recovered on the body…"

Skinned alive? Jim had to admit, he was impressed. This just got a whole lot…sexier.

"…there has been no statement released from Pike’s family or law firm at this point and the police seem doubtful, but determined to catch this new predator on the rise, the police department giving him the simple, yet fitting moniker - Bones.”

oh my god i am so done with the idea of “selling out”


Oscars!Makorra for avatarrara's Makorra Gift Exchange.

I based Korra’s look off of Lupita Nyong’o’s 2014 Oscars dress. Mako’s was kind of just a suit, lol. 

The program I used blurred and chopped everywhere, so I’m sorry for poor quality!!! My digital drawing skills are ultimately in the negative ranges, but you asked for art so I tried my best. 


i waded out too far
lost sight of the shore


no brain, I am not going to a short comic about Benny Topling just because you thought of an idea I have other things to do things that are related to things that I should be doing no stop with the idEAS godDAMNit

… but I’m going to have to do it or it’ll bug me until 3am

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