execution... IN HD! (like my dangan ronpa) { execution 2

Now that was fucking awesome. Man, these executions are just… getting way cooler with time. But hey. It’s pretty… gore-y, still. Kinda gross. But still… Hey. I want that coffee. And I’m still disappointed by a lot of things.

Chiemi said I couldn’t talk, so I won’t. I’m pretty okay, though. Thanks for asking. But… what’s up? What’s up. I don’t know. It’s like… i don’t know. I want to watch an anime or some shit, maybe… Super Friends or whatever. Is this even an anime?

I feel like smoking, too. But let’s be a good friend and eat some candy cigs that she gave me. Because I love candy cigs. Not really. But hey. Candy fucking cigs are the best.

Did she poison this? ]


"Woah. Yeah. Coooool. Uh… Dunno. Can I go to my room?"

A Note On the Cafeteria Door

Hey. Hello. My name is Misawa Takumi, the cartographer. You may just know me as that short kid with the glasses. That’s not important right now. I figured you would all see this when you had to eat or something or when you leave the cafeteria, so that’s why I put it here. I guess I’m too much of a coward to tell you this to your faces. Sorry.

I don’t want anyone to know this, but it’s not as if Shiratori-san got a choice in when her secret was told, so I don’t see why I should. I don’t care if you think less of me, but that bear isn’t going to get my goat the best of us.

When I was younger, I knew this kid named Sato Itsuki. He was a good guy and everyone liked him. He’d talk to me sometimes even though I had no friends I was a very quiet boy, and I wanted to be friends with him. So when he asked me to draft a map for him, one of the area around campsite that his family was going to visit, I was overjoyed. 

There wasn’t enough time to do it right; that’s what I should have told him. But I really wanted him to like me, so I didn’t. I rushed to make the thing, and I gave it to him. It was an inaccurate map, and I missed marking some of the hazardous areas.

I bet you all know where that went. He thought this one cliff area was sound, but it gave out when he was still on it. Sato Itsuki was in the hospital for a long time, and ended up losing the use of his legs. This was undoubtedly my fault, but he didn’t tell anyone else about the map. He was a great track runner.

Please don’t think the way I phrased this means I am trying to justify my actions. I was stupid and I was wrong. And I have been too cowardly to tell anyone this. But I can’t keep hiding things, and this is the only secret I can think of that the bastard would be able to hold over me.

I understand why you’d wouldn’t want to talk to me after this.

-Misawa Takumi


"N-no….not possible….not happening!"  Kazuhiko began to spin, and search for an exit.  "Trapped?  No?  I, I had things to accomplish…a life to live…no, no, it’s not happening, not happening, it certainly isn’t!  No…escape…."

Well of course there was the alternative.  The…murder…alternative.  But…he couldn’t….he couldn’t even hurt an animal…of course, even if he wanted to he probably couldn’t…..but…a pastry chef…a weak boy…that could be a target.  ”N-no!  Let me out….they can’t hurt me…please let me out…Ican’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’t!”  He began to absolutely panic as he clawed at the walls, at the bricks keeping him in.  He fell shaking as the truth sank in…he would have to wait…make the best….however hard it was.

ɹoɹɹıɯ, mirror 「The Other Side 」 { open

The house of mirrors. At moonlight, it was kinda creepy. But I liked it. The whole room is still trashed from the murder, but the body… is completely gone. All the mirrors had been fixed, presumably by that bear. 

I look at Mien’s mirror. It’s staring at me… I don’t believe in ghosts, but… it’s like it’s smiling at me. That’s… that’s not even everything. I feel like every single mirror is staring at my soul, judging me.

It really isn’t my fault, you know. It really isn’t. But still… I don’t believe in stupid ghosts, so I just keep moving.

My mirror.

I want to know what’s in that secret passageway… It was not related to the case, yeah, but still… it’s a secret I want to figure it out. But I’m guessing it’s still locked… but why?

What’s in there? 

I just keep looking at my mirror, when I see the spirits of all my friends behind me. Judging me.

I don’t react. I just keep looking at the mirror, waiting for something to appear. I deserved this. ]

W-what? Did that just happen? Was this real?

Takumi’s hand was still on button 3, once again frozen in total confusion. His eyes were watering up now, and Takumi could do nothing to stop it. He thought they could do this, that everyone could live. Takumi thought they could ignore Monobear’s game. That they could make it through and find a way out. But this wasn’t like before.

That damn bear-thing was serious. This was life or death, and that possibility was there for all of them. Takumi never talked to Miyuki, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t ask to die like that, in some twisted game that none of them understood. This should never have happened to her.

Takumi couldn’t help it. He was crying now, not able to hold it back. He was scared before when the bear had said that they would have to kill each other. But back then it was still a theoretical possibly, and now someone had died right in front of his eyes. Takumi was scared and sad and hopeless andangry

“You BASTARD!” Takumi screamed at the top of his lungs at the empty space the bear once occupied. “You damn bastard! What did she do?! Break some stupid rule that she didn’t know about?! What was this, a message to us?! You’re the murderer, you killed her! SHE DIDN’T DESERVE THAT, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!”

His voice was gone, and he found he couldn’t scream anymore. Takumi collapsed to the ground, wiping his tears away with his sleeve. He was there for a while, not that Takumi felt the passage of time. But once the tears dried, he managed to get up on shaking legs.

It wouldn’t do anyone any good for him to lose it now. So he’d just have to try to stay in control.

I’m sorry, Yamauchi Miyuki.

The Monoworld Explorers Club!

Early morning, after the trial of Athena, any one of the current resident’s of Monoworld’s castle could find this small letter under their door.

"Hello everyone!  This is Kazuhiko speaking!

I realise we have all been through a most trying time together these past days, and depression is easy to succumb to.  But I stress we musn’t lose hope, because that will only breed further unrest.  Instead, I propose we join together to have some more fun with our time, and become closer to one another.

Thereby, I propose the start of the Monoworld Explorers Club!  Together, we willspend time together riding rides, trying the different foods of each new land, taking photographs and writing journals on the park, and more!  In addition to being fun, it couldn’t hurt to have a better idea of the parks layout, even if the possibility of escape is slim.  And of course, with me heading the club, refreshments will always be accounted for!

To make it twice as fun, anyone who joins will get a free explorers hat!  These hats will mark you as a member of the explorers club, and dedicated to making the most of your time here.  If anyone wishes to join, please see me to discuss membership, and receive your hat! I hope you will all join me in keeping all of our spirits bright.

as if! { investigation, alone

Eeh. Pretty boring. I’m not sure if I should investigate this, since I framed something… But, you think I’m gonna let the idiots investigate this bullshit? As if! I’m going to investigate this right, I didn’t actually get to investigate this…

So let’s see. I bow down to the body, and… I make his body face me. It looked like it was hiding or something, that’s pretty bad. His eyes were closed, so… 

I open them just for a while. Yup.

Then, closely I close them again… ]

"Requiecast in pace. I always wanted to say that."

Yeah, I actually did. Now, let’s stop this silliness and let’s investigate. I touch his whole body, no stone unturned - every single pocket, every single wound, everything.

I need to find something important on here, maybe not. I think I will find something important. ]

Introduction (Awakening)

"M-mon dieu…" Kazuhiko nervously laughed as he raised his head, squinting in the bright sunlight.  He reprimanded himself quietly for dozing on the warm stones of the fountain, but couldn’t help but think a little sun drenched cat-nap was a bit nice.  Stirring himself to action, he managed to rise up and look around.  He dusted himself off,brushing the palms of his delicate, dexterous hands against his sides, and looked wide around.

Adjusting to the intensity of light, he realized he was in the large plaza square of what appeared to be…a theme park.  A brief bolt of joy sprung up in him.  He had awoken this morning going to school…then there was a blur…and then he woke up in a theme park!  Of all things!  Of all wonderful things!  To treat nervous new students to a day in a theme park?  What glorious ingenuity on the part of the staff!  Certainly that was why the park was so empty…it was rented for the express use of the new students.  Maman and Papa had advised him that such extravagances were nothing to the powerful new school he was to attend.

This “Hope’s Peak” was certainly charming in surprising him like this.  Perhaps he had dozed off on the way, and no one had had the heart to wake him.  While he lingered in his mind for a minute on the image of whatever strapping gentleman carried him out, he paused with a glazed, somewhat dreamy expression.  Yet, there were things to do!  Still another student lingered on the steps.  He’d let them lay.  He needed to seek awake company now!  There was no reason to let this glorious day go to any waste.  He skipped off towards the center of the street they were on, out to find his fellow classmates here for the day. 


Kazuhiko stood in the kitchens, mixing slowly.  Gone was the fire that used to consume him while he baked.  Akito was gone…Akito who was sweeter than anyone here.  Who liked his sweets.  Who rode the Ferris wheel with him.  

He piped the dollops of meringue batter on the baking sheet as he shuffled through the kitchen, sighing heavily.  Adrian was still kind…and of course he still had Takumi…and the explorers club…that stupid idea to try to keep them all together.

"Kazuki can fucking die though."

The phrase was odd on his tongue…he didn’t have experience wishing anyone ill…nor experience cursing.  What could he say, he was sheltered.

Everyone knew he was here.  He hardly left the kitchen , except to ride a few rides.  His smile grew weak and his eyes had bags.  Sleep came very rarely.  The piles of cookies and cakes grew higher…but there was almost no one left to eat them.

The meringues went in the oven, and Kazuhiko just collapsed on the counter and cried. 

Cooking Time!

Kazuhiko couldn’t take it any more.  He couldn’t take the boredom.  All this time without practicing his craft and he would go crazy.  He needed a challenge…and well…the situation presented one.  Maybe this time he could make a perfect one…one that captured what he could see, and feel, and taste in his mind.

He set out seeking potential recruits…people he could cook for.  With just time and resources, his baking lacked aim, and goal…he needed people to give him direction.  So anyone who wanted them would get a sweet, tailored to their desires, whims, personality, and talent.  At least that might make him some friends here.  People his own age to talk to would be a nice change…but not to dwell!  There was work to be done, and that at last put a spring in his step.

love song

Why I am at the singer’s door? I just had this sudden urge to visit it, somehow. It’s weird - it’s like I have this feeling on my throat, just… dry and dead, every time I pass by here. So, I don’t believe in ghosts or any of this crap, that’s bullshit. But… I don’t know, nobody is watching it, right? Just a dumbass starring at a door, that’s it. And even if ghosts exist, they can read minds, right? Whatever. Let’s just… talk.

I hated you. I hated you so much, singer. No one ever supported me, I was abandoned all the time. Nobody wanted to be friends with “the blue-haired weirdo” and my parents… well, what can I say? Abandoned me too. But you, singer. You? Never. You had everything in your hand.

One day, in seventh grade, I think… Nobody noticed me at all. Until one day, I broke my own arm on purpose, so I could get at least a bit of attention from everyone. And I got 18 cards, that I keep under my bed until this very day.

But still… I think it was not hatred I felt for you, but yes, jealously. I wanted to be like you, but in the end, all turned into hate when you did that murder.  I understand your point of view, you were scared, but still. I would be okay if you just murdered someone and confessed, but you lied.

But even though. My respect for you, which was… a lot, just went all away at the trial. I respected you a lot, singer. You were my inspiration, and I just felt so betrayed

But in the end, does it matter? Does it matter that I feel this way? I… honestly don’t know.

Sigh. I probably look like a stupid fuck starring at a door, just thinking… Whatever. I’ll just leave. ]

The First Meeting of the Monoworld Explorers Club!

Kazuhiko showed up to the fountain fifteen minutes ahead of time.  He wanted to be there to greet all the members when they arrived.  After they showed up, they would proceed to the newly open horrorland…and then, back at his room, he was storing some treats to fit today’s theme of horror. He hoped they’d all have fun…but perhaps it was too soon?  He worried breifly that it was too soon, that people would think it was tasteless of him.  But he steeled himself, and waited for the rest to arrive.

Motive 1

Takumi didn’t even want to be at this stupid meeting. He was doing better than he had last night, he was beginning to adjust. The last thing he wanted was a giant monkey wreath thrown into his still stabilizing world. But it was mandatory, so he didn’t have any choice in the matter, now did he?

Takumi made a small rebellion in refusing to touch the snacks. They all had that damn bear face on them, and it was completely different from Hideki’s gift.

The thought of Monobear knowing his darkest secret made Takumi ill. No, no, he didn’t know about that thing. Itsuki hadn’t told anyone about the map, right? There was no way Monobear could have found out. That was nuts! And besides, it was years ago. How…How had he…

But Takumi was quickly able to replace his shock with genuine hatred and anger. What the hell gave that freak a right to say anything about Suzume? She was twice the person than he’d ever be.

Takumi balled his hands into fists and stared the bear down. “So who fucking CARES? My father’s 185 centimeters tall and has the world’s most pathetic mustache, and I sure don’t follow that trend. Why don’t you shut your fucking mouth? You’re as dumb as you look if you think that changes anything!”

Wow, he had cursed more in the last two days than probably the rest of his life. In any other situation he’d be mortified.

Shattered Possibilities (Kazuhiko's Investigation)

Kazuhiko walked into the room, hearing the news.  But that couldn’t be true…right?  There was so many more fun times to have….everyone loved Akito.  He was so good….he…no, he had to see…it was probably a mistake…it had to be.

As Kazuhiko walked in he sunk to his knees.  ”Akito…wake up Akito, right?  This is all a joke.  We had more time to spend together, right?  I…I made more of those gelees for you….I made cookies and cakes and everything you liked….please don’t go…please don’t leave me now…”  Big, fat, ugly tears began to fall from his eyes.  He sobbed, unable to move for a few minutes, only crying and clutching the body.

He wiped the tears from hsi eyes, and got up.  How could they just leave him here, like this?  He was the sweetest…the gentlest of them.  This wasn’t fair!  That bastard Kazuki…no one liked him!  Why couldn’t he die!  Why couldn’t anyone else but him die!

He stood up, shaking with a rage he had never felt before.  Despite Kazuhiko’s wishes, he knew how Akito felt towards romance.  And he knew the motive.  It was easy enough to put two and two together.  He was half French for god’s sake.  This kind of intuition was in his blood.  It’s either Mien…or it’s Kazuki.  And with Kazuki collecting evidence, someone else had to.  he would not let Akito’s memory be disgraced.

He collected himself and began by investigating the body…followed by it’s immediate surroundings.  After that, he would proceed to Akito’s room…lovers always left traces…gifts…letters, things of the sort.

Takumi didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything, couldn’t even think straight. What the hell was this…thing even saying? Killing people? Nobody wasn’t going to do that, right? This entire thing was insane, nuts and right now he didn’t want to deal with it.

Tears clouded his eyes, though Takumi did his best to push them back. It was just a complete and total feeling of helplessness. So what the thing was saying was that he was never going home again. Unless he killed someone else, which was one hundred and sixty percent out of the question, he’d never leave this place. That was absurd! Who had the ability to keep them there for the rest of their lives? Wouldn’t someone be looking for them?

Well, okay, not him, obviously. But the rest of these guys were Super High School Level prodigies. Famous! Known around the world, with powerful connections! Surely someone was coming for them and surely they wouldn’t leave Takumi in the dust. Someone was going to save them, right?

Takumi knew he didn’t believe it the moment he thought of the idea. If the bear freak could get them here and keep them in for as long as he said, then it had power. Maybe there wasn’t going to be a rescue, maybe they weren’t going to go home unless they performed the perfect murder. Maybe this was all it was ever going to be.

The tears stung, but Takumi ignored them. Fine. Fine, he’d stay in this park for however long it took to find a way out that didn’t involve killing anyone. He wasn’t going to turn into a damn murderer just because a stuffed bear told him to. He’d find that thing, rip out its stuffing and scatter it to the winds, that’s what he would do. He wasn’t a murderer, he wasn’t a killer, he was Misawa Takumi and god damn it all, he was not nothing.

The feeling returned to Takumi now, to his fingers, to his toes. He felt…okay. Well, as okay as anyone could really be right now. But considering he would freak out if you put him near one of those roller coasters, yeah he was doing just fine. Keep your chin up, kiddo, don’t be a burden on these people.

Now his earlier conversations with Eri came back to him. Water, food, places to sleep. Yeah, they could find them. They could do this.

Well then. Let’s get to work.


Name: Kazuhiko Laforet

Title: SHSL Patissier

Age: 17

Blood Type: B+

Likes: Pastries, pop music, bubblegum, boys, “maman, papa, et grande frere”, wine

Dislikes: Dogs (bad childhood experience), loud noise, people breaking his concentration, ESPESCIALLY dislikes imprecision in his cooking

Bio:  Born to a French father and Japanese mother, Kazuhiko’s father was manager for a French hotel’s first foray into the Japanese market.  While very close to his family on both sides, and adoring of his native country of Japan, Kazuhiko is proficient in French language and culture in order to aid and converse with the hotel staff.  Taken under the wing of the kitchen staff, Kazuhiko learned to bake from a very young age, and steadily grew more enamored with the idea of finding perfection in his baking and confectionary.  This is a stark contrast to his easy-going, bon-vivant personality in everyday life. 

Kazuhiko has an intense phobia of Dogs, stemming from the time he was attacked by one as a young boy.  The mere mention of them sends him into a quiet, mumbling, and sets his temper to mildly explosive from fear.

His perfectionism in his cooking is what led him to be named both Japans foremost and coming patissier, and earn numerous medals in competitions worldwide.  However, he often times chastises himself on being unable to make something exactly as he pictures it, and he continues to struggle to make his ideal.

Personality:  In normal life, Kazuhiko is laid back and charming, if the slightest bit forward towards the men around him.  He loves life, food, wine, and the finer things.  However, when baking, he is all business, and speaks in only short fragments and commands (i.e.: Working now.  Bring flour.  Move left.)  In addition, he tends to chew gum while he cooks, saying it helps him concentrate, in addition to listening to fast paced music.  He tends to be very critical on himself, yet paradoxically is very aware of his own talent.

Height: 5’5

Weight: 120