Alte Kirche (old church) on the island of Pellworm in the Nordfriesland district of Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. Population: 1,200. In medieval times Pellworm was part of the larger island of Strand which was torn into pieces in a disastrous storm tide in 1634. Other remnants are Nordstrand and the Halligen. All these belonged to the historical region of Uthlande. Pellworm is accessible by ferry, departing from the neighboring Nordstrand, which is in turn connected with the mainland by a causeway.One of the largest hybrid renewable energy plants in Europe is to be found on Pellworm. It combines photovoltaic and wind energy to provide over 700 MWh/year of electricity. 


Mother Nature making a bigger island with molten lava from deep inside the Earth.

As the hot lava cools in the sea, it hardens into rock….and the island gets a little more real estate….eventually to be covered with dust and dirt….and plants and animal life….

Here, she’s crafting the further evolution of the island of Hawai’i (the Big Island in the Hawaiian Islands)….using Kīlauea volcano as her instrument of creation.

                                        *          *          *          *

Mother Nature’s work in progress — the island of Hawai’i — from the top down. Note the lava trails (darker shades) leading from the several active volcanos down towards the sea. Kīlauea’s land-making lava flow is at the four/five-o’clock position in the photo below….


»Top photo: “Edge of Creation” by Bruce Omori