A small 12 x 12 inch, Whale Shark X Shark Toof Mural (Isla Mujeres) commemorative canvas, Acrylic and Spraypaint, on its way to a group show at the San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artist! Whale Sharks are filter feeders and do not have teeth as represented in my mural. The intention with doing so, was to perhaps at least curb a potential over saturation of Whale Shark diving, and help preserve Isla Mujeres’ and the Whale Sharks’ unique habitat. Much love to the entire crew @pangeaseed!!! Everyone is missed and loved! Please contact Ginger Shulick at gingershulick@gmail.com for purchase inquiries! #sharktoof , #shark__toof , #swimmingwithnature , #islamujeres , #seawalls , #lessaboutmemoreaboutthem