Today I finally presented my paper about Islamophobia. From being the only Muslim girl in my class I felt a lot of pressure to talk about terrorism and I did. I damn right did and I printed 6 pictures out mugshots of white and middle eastern men and asked who were terrorists and most picked the Middle Eastern ones. The shock on the faces of my classmates when I told them they all were killers in terroristic acts were priceless and it just comes to understand that most are sugarcoated and spoonfed shit but in reality our society is sick and inshallah one day everybody will understand that Islam is a religion of peace.

Charlie Hebdo receives prestigious freedom of speech award, despite controversy

apparently we’re rewarding hate speech as free speech these days.

oh and check out this gem:

Charlie Hebdo’s film critic, Jean-Baptiste Thoret - who only avoided the attack because he had been late for work - said “maybe there is a little misunderstanding, I guess they imagine this award was given to Charlie Hebdo regarding its content.”

“There is a confusion. It’s an award given to the principle of freedom of speech.”

OMG NO! You cannot say that, it’s illogical as fuck. If it was just an “award given to the principle of freedom of speech” why wasn’t it given to someone else, anyone else? WHY CHARLIE HEBDO??? I’ll tell you why: Bc of it’s fucking CONTENT! So fuck off with this lie. 

and then he speaks MORE nonsense:

Speaking at Freedom House, a democratic rights watchdog, Thoret pointed out that out of 500 Charlie Hebdo cover stories published before the attack – only 11 dealt with Islam.

“That’s the reality,” he said. “We have never publish racist cartoons. Historically, we are an anti-racist magazine. It’s in our DNA.”

“Mohammed is an icon, a symbol. We at Charlie Hebdo are against icons – like we are against soccer,” he said.

I’d rant more but I feel like shit so i’m just gonna leave this here. Pls feel free to rant where I left off lol.

The reason white christians sit atop the american cultural hierarchy and scream that culture is meant to be shared is because they commercialize and industrialize their own culture.

Think about Christmas season. White Christians want to sell everyone else a tree, some garlands, wrapping paper. They want to sell the whole holiday. They’ll give up the sanctity of their own holiday because they want to share it with anyone who can feed capitalism. They invent five new sweaters for us to buy and wear while we drink our eggnog, because they manage to profit from sharing culture.

And because they’ve forced capitalism and commercialism on the rest of the world, their privilege makes them think we want to share with them. Because they don’t see nor understand oppression based on religion or race, they think that somehow we’ll benefit from throwing away sanctity and selling out our cultures too.

This is the reality of cultural appropriation.


aleatorythoughts asked:

hi Sasha, how are you? I saw some people unfollowing you (or Kris, I'm not sure, sorry) bc of this whole ordel with the boys, but the thing that really makes me 'sick' in your blog, is all this police brutality, and racism, islamophobia and all this bad things happening around the world, that I of course knew happened before I followed you, but it still pains me whenever I see it again. like, I don't understand why the world/people is so messed up, or how it happened. it breaks me a bit bc +

+ I don’t know what to do about it. reblogging posts on here seems pointless and there’s so much pain, from so many different bad things happening all at once. and maybe I’m just being dumb/too sensitive about it, but it affects me… =/ (sorry to be so random, but is just that I saw the report you rebloged of a Muslim trying to discuss 9/11 w/ white plp being frustrating & there’s Baltimore, Ferguson, Palestine, Pakistan and so many more … why is the world like this? =(


Are people announcing their unfollows now? LOL

But on a more serious note, yes there is an exhausting amount of evil in the world. I think we just live in a world where narcissism is encouraged. Selfishness sells everything from products to politics. And we’ve collectively created a lot of monsters with that philosophy. Because it also breeds ignorance and a lack of empathy and compassion. 

I do think blogging about it helps. Silence definitely doesn’t help. So spreading the word brings attention and hopefully greater understanding that collectively really can assist in bringing about change. Social media is powerful in that way. 

Also, you can do things that help. Donate your time. Donate money to good (and legit) causes if you can. Sign petitions. Protest if you feel comfortable with that. You know how that saying goes: Be the change you want to see in the world. So even just being a decent, aware person helps. And don’t despair. 

(just kidding im posting about it again because im so fucking anGRY)

i am absolutely shocked and horrified to hear politicians calling Christians “superior” to Muslims

why do we fucking let people like this run the country? why do we let people deny others human rights based on their bigoted opinions?
it’s fucking disgusting.

America’s got a big fucking problem and i’m getting tired of not being able to change it.

  • Latinxs and Asian people:Please stop fetishising us for being "exotic" while simultaneously ostracizing us socially for being foreign.
  • Black people:Please stop discriminating against, criminalizing, and killing us. Also, stop dehumanizing us post-mortem to further "legitimize" our deaths.
  • LGBTQ+:Please let us live our lives in peace, and respect our sexualities and identities. They are just as valid and natural as yours are.
  • Mentally ill and physically handicapped people:Please try to understand us. We are not freaks. We are, in fact, "normal", and we only want support and acceptance.
  • Muslim people:Please stop attacking us for practicing our religion, we are not the same as the bigoted extremists that claim affiliation with us.
  • Jewish people:Please just leave us alone, we just want to live without discrimination. History has taught us that we are never truly safe anywhere.
  • Women:Please stop assaulting and harassing us, and give us autonomy over our own bodies. We want gender equality in our society.
  • All of the above:We just want to live without fear of prejudice and oppression. We are human, and we deserve to have our voices heard.
  • White, straight, cis, able-bodied, Christian men:Alright but have any of you considered how that will affect me? I mean we can't just

so, in recent french news: a muslim middle-school student wore a floor-length skirt to school and was sent home because it was decided her covering herself was equivalent to wearing a religious symbol (the same as her headscarf, which she had already been prohibited from wearing to school), which is forbidden by law

talking about 9/11 with white people is literally one of the most frustrating things ever because they won’t stop talking about their experiences (even if nothing happened to them personally), and when i, a middle eastern person, try to contribute to the conversation, i can’t get a fucking word in.

like what the fuck, nothing happened to you on that day – which, you know, thank goodness – so why the fuck do you insist on dominating the conversation? my daily life is still being effected by this even now, over ten years later.

but you’re not interested in hearing about how my fifth grade health teacher never again called on me or the arab girl in my class. you’re not interested in how whenever my family travels, all fourteen of us (a number that used to include young children) get “randomly” searched. you’re not interested in the fact that when i was asked to buy a propane tank for a barbecue, i spent the rest of the day stressed out and worried that the attendants at all the stores visited to inquire were all going to think i was making explosives (all stores in the neighborhood mysteriously were out of propane tanks in the middle of summer). you’re not interested in the fact that whenever my cousin prepares to fly on his own, his mother calls him to make sure he’s clean shaven so he doesn’t look “like a terrorist.” you’re not interested in the fact that when i was you’re not interested in the fact that i once witnessed a whole family of white people bypass the x-ray scanner for the old fashioned metal detector, but when i asked for the same treatment, i was denied; when i pointed out the (many) signs claiming that i had the right to refuse going through that machine, the tsa agent who mere seconds earlier berated me for my request went conveniently deaf. you’re not interested in hearing about how my sister was told “sorry about your leader” when osama bin laden was killed.

i could reference personal anecdotes until i went blue in the face.

there are countless people who have stories like this, stories that are grotesque and demeaning and terrifying. these are everyday occurrences.

but you’re not interested in any of that. frankly, you’re not even that interested when middle eastern and muslim (and sometimes non-muslim desi) people are subjected to extreme violence or killed. you guys got over chapel hill pretty damn fast. if you noticed it at all.

you don’t give a fuck about us, or our ongoing 9/11 stories. you just want to tell me about how horrible it was, sitting in class and listening to other kids get their names called on the pa system.

but i totally get it. it was really hard for you.


#DressCodePM: Stephen Harper Mocked For Niqab Comments

Stephen Harper’s controversial remarks against the niqab are drawing fire on social media.

Twitter users have blasted the prime minister after he stated in the House of Commons Tuesday that the face-covering veil worn by some Muslims comes from a culture that is “anti-women.”

The federal government is appealing a court ruling that struck down a ban on the wearing of the niqab during citizenship ceremonies. Harper has said most Canadians find it “offensive” that someone would “hide their identity” while committing to join the Canadian family.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander also faced criticism last month after he suggested that hijabs — traditional Muslim headscarves that do not cover the face — should also be banned during citizenship ceremonies.

Liberals and New Democrats have been sharply critical of the government’s position and have accused Tories of stoking Islamophobia.

On Wednesday, using the hashtag #DressCodePM, Twitter users mocked Harper’s comments about how Canadians should dress.

In a blog post, Shireen Ahmed urged Canadians to tweet, writing “all women are part of, and will always be welcome in the ‘Canadian family’ in any outfit she chooses.”

George Bush: God told me to invade Iraq. I don’t need to point to the Crusades. Bush is a Christian who cited religion to justify mass murder. Blair made similar comments. You want to go on about religious extremists to smear 1.6 billion people, let’s have a conversation about white Christian men who invaded and bombed a half dozen countries.

Dear BILL MAHER: It’s your right, as an American male over 15 years old, to not know who ZAYN MALIK is. But as host of a TV show with 4 million viewers, it is your job to figure out that a man whose first and last names are both Arabic just might possibly be Muslim, especially before making a cheap joke suggesting he looks like another young Muslim male who happens to be a terrorist. “Neither I not anyone on our staff knew [he was Muslim]; how could we?” you said with a poop-eating grin on FRIDAY’s show, defending yourself against accusations that your joke about ZAYN MALIK and DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV on your previous show was Islamophobic. This is why diversity matters in hiring. If the staff of your HBO show doesn’t include a single person who knows, or can figure out, that a singer who was a central figure in one of the most popular groups in the world is Muslim, you shouldn’t be laughing about it. You should be apologizing…
—  Matty Karas, MusicREDEF Newsletter 4/13/15