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Obama’s TRUE Intentions Behind a Nuclear Iran Are Worse Than Imagined

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Barack Obama and Iran. Although we might think it has to do with America and Israel, it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. Below is an op-ed written by Mark Christian, an ex-Muslim who left his faith over a decade ago to convert to …

I want you to meet my dear friend Zeinab. Once upon a time she was an ordinary young adult just like many of us here. In her early 20s she was diagnosed with MS. SubhanAllah, it struck her randomly and just when many would say “her life was just beginning”. Now, living with MS for almost 20 years, she’s bound to her wheelchair with not much besides her arms that can hardly grab her phone without flailing out of control, and her head that she can still move alhamdulilah. I want to tell you her story because I need the world to know how much meeting this girl humbled me, seeing her in this state. This amazing woman has maybe just a fraction of the gifts Allah swt has blessed us with yet, as you can see, in this picture she’s raising her hands, giving takbeer in salah and thanking Allah for all she has. Just before I posted this she jokingly told me not to distract her “please, because I am completely with God”. Here we, full-functioning limbs, letting the pettiest of issues overcome us and forgetting to say alhamdulilah as much as we can and truly meaning it. May Allah swt grant her shifaah and give her Firdaws al A’laa.

It’s so hard to find an official Islamic order that seems to implement and apply pure Islam. Every sect, whether it’s Sunni, Shia, Sufi - they all emphasize different important aspects of the Sunnah but none of them put it all together like the Prophet(saw) did. They’re all…tainted in a way. And then people say that you must follow a certain group of sheikhs or scholars. I understand for the sake of ease in religion, how this is a blessing for a Muslim. He doesn’t have to have the responsibility that a scholar has to know the intricacies of religion. But how can I do that if I can see the inconsistencies? I don’t know if I fit anywhere. I don’t know if I’m SUPPOSED to fit anywhere. There’s too much knowledge and I’m not exposed to anyone that seems to manifest the essence of all that Islamic knowledge. 

There are people in my family that are very spiritually inclined as well. There are some really out-of-the-ordinary things that we’ve gone through that no one can explain properly for us. I know what happened and they know what happened, so no one can change that. In fact, lots of *ahem, salafi* scholars would reject it or brush it off. But finding a scholar or imam that not only has knowledge of those things but also embodies all of the important characteristics that I think a scholar should have…is so hard.