When your parents get old do not say to them even the smallest expression of disrespect. Do not hurt them, or yell at them. Even if they hurt you or even beat you, you should kindly say: May God forgive you and have mercy upon you.

Do not expect too much of them. Do not speak to them in a loud voice. Do not raise your hands above theirs. Do not walk ahead of them.
—  Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (ع) al-Kafi v. 2, p. 157

After my khutbah today, a 93-year old man walked up to me asking if he had to fast. When I told him that Allah has given him a concession and he can feed a poor person instead, he demanded to know which verse in the Quran gave this concession.

After I showed it to him, he hugged me and began crying - said this was the first time he was unable to fast in his life and was feeling very guilty. He had woken up for suhoor but wasn’t able to continue.

Truth be told, I felt more guilty - knowing that he had fasted more than three times the amount I had fasted in my entire life and yet still was attempting to go strong. His Iman put me to shame.

  • What Pope Francis actually said:The right to free speech gives us an obligation to work for the common good, so we should dialogue respectfully for that end, even if people don't want to hear it. Of course, sh*****g on things people love just because you can is going to get them mad, so if you want to be respectful, don't do that.
  • What people heard Pope Francis say:The right to free speech doesn't apply to religion! Shut down anyone who insults teh religionz!!!111!11!1!