PAKISTAN, Islamabad : Pakistani supporters of Canada-based preacher Tahir-ul-Qadri gather as they listen to their leader during a protest rally in Islamabad on August 16, 2014, against the country’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz-led government. A populist cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri led thousands of his followers alongside Imran Khan in his own march on the capital to force the Sharif government to step down. Both Khan and Qadri plan to rally in Islamabad until their demands for Sharif’s resignation and for electoral reforms are met. AFP PHOTO/Aamir QURESHI


Photos of the day - August 8, 2014

An Afghan refugee child chases bubbles released by other children, while playing on the outskirts of Islamabad, a couple with Japanese traditional clothing or kimono pose for a wedding photo session at the cosmos field at Hamarikyu Gardens in Tokyo and a Palestinian woman holds a mock rocket during a protest against the Israeli offensive in Gaza are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Reuters)

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PAKISTAN, Islamabad : Pakistani activists of Jamat-ud-Dawa take part in a rally in Islamabad on May 28, 2014, on the anniversary of the country’s nuclear detonation. The day is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan on May 28 in commemoration of Chagai when Pakistan detonated six nuclear devices in response to India’s five detonations of Pokhran-II in 1998, 17 days after the incident. AFP PHOTO / FAROOQ NAEEM

Nawaz Sharif must go. He is a curse. He is an enemy of the state and he must be punished. We want Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

To Imran Khan: Come on! Go free Pakistan from monsters like Nawaz Sharif; it is now or never. This is the only time for FREEDOM. This time will not return. Revolution is imminent now!

—  His Holiness Younus AlGohar, Official Representative of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi (via Twitter)
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His Holiness Younus AlGohar gives crucial advice to Imran Khan in order to overthrow the corrupt tyrant, Nawaz Sharif, whose government in Pakistan has no legal basis.

The nation of Pakistan is all standing by you. If Mehdi Foundation International is standing by you, then His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is my witness: the entire universe is standing by you. If MFI is supporting you, then you can safely say that God and 124,000 Prophets are supporting you. With my support, you have enough moral and spiritual ammunition on your plate. Never again will you ever need any help from anybody else. But this time, do not look back! Do not step back. You must advance!