Kız müziği ve Miley Cyrus'ı o kadar övmüş ki sanarsın kız müziğe tapıyor. Müzik birdir, Miley Cyrus'ta onun elçisir.

"Ne? Yok ben müzikistim, yok biz müziğe tapıyorum, işte beş vakit Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop dinlerim, yok o bizde yok"

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bi erkegin sevgilisi var ve o erkegin kardes diye adlandirdigi bi kiz var ama buna ragmen kardes dedigi kiza onu kendisinden bile kiskandigini ve her dakika ona, onu sevdigini soyluyor ne dusunurdun? demek istemistim

Kisisine göre değisir simdi ona sürekli kanka diyip sınayabilirsin ama zaten kanka dedigi kiza asıksa diger kizla neden cikiyo aq diye sorarlar

AMAZING: North Caucasian Alliance Rebels and Attacks Colchis!
North Caucasian Alliance Rebels and Attacks Colchis!

After much discussion, several tribes in southern Ahvdara have agreed to a union, with their leader calling himself the ‘Shahirban’ of all the North Caucasus. In his native tongue, the Plemis of the Apsilars was to be called ‘Hwenep Shahirban, aktuy Azai’kaz’. This news did not bother the Khan much, but it forced him to developed better relations with the Diurdevids. This is because they controlled much of southern Ahvdara, and it was thought that they could keep the Shahirban in check. This was true for a while, but the power of the Diurdevids was lost as the clan had a familial feud. Taking this chance, the Shahirban attacked Diurdeva and launched an invasion of several other tribes. He attacked the Dvalai and the Isiral clan mainly, with the support of his vassals: the Tsakhurs, Awaral, and Remsch. These proved to be a very powerful union, and started conquering several of their enemies’ cities. The Isiral Kazars were very hardy, however, and didn’t give up easily. They played a defensive role in their mountains, but still lost much. The Dvalai were hardy as well, and sacrificed their southern land gladly for the defense of their main fortress. The Diurdevidian Moesi were not so lucky, and were defeated at several fronts quite easily.

Khan Taymuraz was quite annoyed by this, but still did not interfere directly. He supplied armour to the Diurdevid defenses, though nothing more. That armour, however, was going to help his enemy, the Shahirban himself. The Shahirbanate was benefiting from looting from the advanced lamellar of the Diurdevids. Many troops were equipped with this armour, though not all. However, suddenly, the Shahirban ordered all of his cavalrymen to stop using their horses in battle. Instead, most soldiers were equipped with skis. This change led to mountain combat being more common, and combat in the mountains made the Shahirbanate able to go south. The Shahirban ordered many of his men to go to Colchis, and there they sung songs of their ‘allies’, the Covenant Empire. Raids on the Colchian lands became gradually more noticeable, and even the Khan noticed them after some while. Taymuraz declared that the Shahirban and his vassals were to be revoked of their title of Plemis. This meant that they were no longer officially vassals of the Khanate, and therefore impostors. As this happened, Hwenep declared himself ‘Shahiržil’. This meant that he considered himself independent of the Khanate, though this claim was not made official by Ahvdara. The Khan has called for calm, though has not acted yet as he believes the Covenant Empire might get involved in this.


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aawo Ceebta dhacday: Cabdi Good oo Ku dhegay Heestii “Markaad igu Qabato NAASAHA”

aawo Ceebta dhacday: Cabdi Good oo Ku dhegay Heestii “Markaad igu Qabato NAASAHA”

hadaba barnaamij taxane h oo kabaxa tvg soomaali channel kaas  ooldhaho Isir raaca afka soomaliya kas oo wayahan danbe noqday mid xiisobdan loo qabo aay san dadkuba daawashadiisa ay umaqsuudeen

hadaba barnamijkan taxanaha ah waxaa aalabaa daadihiye cabdi  good  waxa uu barnaamijkan ku bilaaby hadalkan oo ku aadan Eryada Heestaasi ku jira, SUBXAANAKA YAA CADIIM BAL WAXAAN EEGA”.


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