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i will most definitely 100% sign that!!! 

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Perks of Being a Speducator


This is Ate Berna and I during iSign. It was a free sign language class for GuTS (Guild of Thomasian Speducators) and some Pre-School Education students were invited as well.

Suxx that I failed to attend iTouch (Braille class) because of schedule complications. </3

Ughhh. Almost Novermber 4. Pasukan na naman. Buhay Tomasino. Hello Albertus Magnus. Hello UST.

Vancouver-based digital signage company iSIGN, through its subsidiary Pinpoint Media Group, is operating a network of advertising and promotional screens in some 1,400 convenience stores in Canada.

It gives iSIGN owner/operator status over one of the largest in-store and interactive digital media networks in Canada, said to reach an average of 1.5 million consumers a day.

Each convenience store has two or three screens installed at the point of sale, running brand loyalty programs, public service announcements and in-store promotions.

The billboard’s got brains.

Well, not exactly human brains — yet — but they have definitely become smarter as the billboard of yesteryear has given way to billboard 2.0: the interactive digital sign.

While their popularity has been on the rise in city centers and downtowns for years, only recently did mainstream media start paying attention to the boom in digital outdoor media. Back in April 2011, The Economist wrote an article called “The Billboard Boom,” predicting that the future of digital out-of-home advertising was glowing fluorescent bright, and represents a market whose global share would grow some 8.3 percent, or about $26.4 billion in 2011 alone.