Helping Ursula find her voice helped Hook realize that his happy ending is with Emma. He knows that he loves her, and for the time being their relationship is on solid ground. So, he has nothing for the author to rewrite in the book. His only task now is keeping Emma’s white light shining bright.
—  Zap2it about Hook / The OUAT Heroes (x)

Imagine Kyungsoo not knowing the difference between a top or a bottom. “Top?” Kyungsoo questions.

“Bottom.” Jongin corrects.

“So you… Prefer the bottom?”

“Its all I ever do.” Jongin says, patting his pajama pants to emphasize this. Kyungsoo has asked about his pajama preferences before but is always too distracted by shirtless Jongin to remember the answer.

Hammer and Nails

A Cornerstone Fic
In Which Rythian Is Too Hot (Hot Damn)

It had started innocently enough; it usually did. Rythian was so often absent, and there was very little to talk about when the sun had set and the drinks had been flowing. They talked about Rythian fairly frequently, as it happened, and no one seemed to mind.

The current joke of choice was Rythian’s apparent obsession with the smeltery, which admittedly was a stretch at best, since he spent less time with it than most of them. It was mainly the fact that he slept with his back to it that fueled the speculation–that, and the gutterward tendencies of most of the crew’s minds.

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I had this “dream” thing this morning where people buzz when they’re close to the one they’re supposed to be with.

But like they can buzz with other people than just their “soulmate” like Molly she’d buzz with a lot of people because she’s easy to get close to, she lets people in and such, but Sherlock wouldn’t be compatible with many people so he’d buzz with few people.

The thing is in my mind Sherlock always buzz the most when he’s close to Molly and he knows that she’s in love with him which he despises because he doesn’t want them to be in love because of the buzz and that’s why he pushes her away.

But then he overhears Molly talk to Mary and she’s telling how she basically feels the buzz wherever she goes so she’s wondering if she’ll ever find the one she’s really meant to be with.

Mary asks if she doesn’t know it’s Sherlock, to which Molly replies no.

She tells Mary (who’s looking confused at that point) that she was attracted to Sherlock even long before she felt a buzz, and even though she feels the buzz a bit stronger with him she’s just always assumed it was because she was attracted to him as well as feeling the buzz.

Sherlock realises at that time that it doesn’t really matter wether they feel a buzz or not, because he and Molly are obviously meant to be, so of course the arse walks straight into the room where Molly and Mary are talking and just kisses a wide-eyed Molly.

And yeah this is what my sleep deprived mind comes up with at strange times of the night -.-

I think Gray’s silence when Natsu brings up Juvia speaks volumes, i mean you don’t spend 6 months with someone you don’t care about. I think he didn’t ask about her because he didn’t want to know just yet, he is going into battle and if he knew of Juvia’s state he might not be able to concentrate.

Him saying what he said about Lucy’s maid outfit, to me seems like a way to get his mind off Juvia and not worry about her during the battle. Yes, at first I mad that Gray said that, but thinking about it seemed like he was just teasing herand like i said he needed something to get his mind off Juvia. 

He really cares about Juvia and he also probably feels so guilty about leaving her alone like that even though it was Erza that told him too. Erza also wanted to protect Juvia not because she thinks Juvia is weak but because if anything happened to Juvia, Gray would probably blow his cover just took try and save her or somthing. Yes, i know leaving Juvia like that without either of them saying anything to her or having someone stay with her or check in on her was a dick move, but Juvia would have waited there for Gray regardless, because she loves him that much. 

Gray knows how much Juvia loves him, and he obviously cares so much for her. I don’t think her loves her yet, but she is defiantly the last person he wants to lose.         

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ragnar and athelstan are not a couple why do shippers ruin every fuckign show

Like I get that bisexual characters are detrimental to the fragile male ego but how do dudebros honestly watch Vikings and see Ragnar and Athelstan as bros like…….like yeah bro I’m just going to look deeply in your eyes and say I love you, and when you die bro I’m going to take you to that place that was super special to both of us and bury you…bro…bro I’m just gonna turn my back on everything I ever believed in just to spend eternity with you bro

And yes its annoying that Athelstan got written out because of laziness and yes it was was a dumb sort of modern view on religion that made Ragnar have to choose between the two religions rather then just accepting both which would have been more accurate

but seriously bro, just admit that your favorite uber masculine lead had a thing for the priest and get over it, bro

you wrote the thing about sam getting pregnant while soulless a few days ago?  What if he’s still soulless while pregnant but the baby has a soul and he can feel it inside him.  And suddenly Sam can feel love and empathy and morality but he doesn’t fully understand why he’s feeling those things and still views them as a weakness, until he finds out about the baby. And then he’s convinced that this child might be the last good thing he ever does, so as long as he’s still pregnant and still has a soul inside of him, his single mission is to protect the baby at all costs and find a way to give him/her a good home and future and keep the baby safe from everything, even himself (and Sam’s telling all this to Cas and making Cas promise to take care of the infant after he gives birth because he knows he won’t be able to be trusted after the birth and after he loses that soul.) (I totally stole most or all of that from an episode of Angel (3x9), when Darla somehow gets pregnant. Darla’s last lines: “this’s the one good thing we ever did together…the only good thing.  You make sure to tell him that.”)

Are you referring to this? That prompt was Sam getting pregnant (or in this case, finding out) post-wall-collapsing and thinking it isn’t real.

Nevertheless. I love this idea. I’m not as familiar with Angel as I’d like (I was more into Buffy), but this. Oh wow. My heart. I want to write it, but you’ve already laid it out pretty well. :)


Fantastic 4

Are you guys ready?

okay so im watching the news and they’re talking about arrests with underage drinking

and one guy is like “it’s definitely peer pressure! people trying to be cool”

never have i ever been in a situation where my peers have pressured me into drinking alcohol or doing drugs.

 no one even cares if you don’t do drugs or drink. people generally respect that, i’ve found, so??

My sister started the first book. This is what she thinks is gonna happen:

“So Jamie is obvi pissed with Dougal and his shenanigans and Claire is trying to escape to the stones, which I don’t see why. Her husband seems kinda boring. Anyway, so I think her and Jamie are gonna escape together and then get caught. But that witch chick, who is totally a time traveler too, is gonna help. Then homegirl and Claire are gonna be time traveling besties."