I got some new followers

Hello you can call me G. This blog is a Dragon Age blog, but mostly Dragon Age 2 (I’m not over this game yet).

You will see here mostly:

  • Fenhawke (Garrett Hawke x Fenris)
  • Isawke ( Marian Hawke x Isabela)
  • Alistair x Warden ( Female Cousland. My OC name is Gisele Cousland)
  • Josephine and My OC Valyna ( SOON I promise :D )
  • Dragon Age 2 cast
  • Dragon Age Origins
  • Silly fenhawke headcanons
  • Silly warden x alistair headcanons (plus Twin Au with minerfromtarn)
  • Stupid Dragon Age headcanons
  • My art
  • and other people’s art.
  • Sometimes I post fics too.
  • I don’t post wank, sometimes it happens and I tag them as: ‘wank, fandom wank’ and under a read more
  • I post NSFW stuff sometimes too (Tag: nsfw)
  • I have this tag that contains a lot of funny stuff: ‘BBQ’
  • I talk a lot and you will see lots of replies on your dash

I think that’s all for now! Welcome to my blog :D

Ps: If there’s something I did or said and that made you uncomfortable or bad please let me know and/or unfollow me.
Ps²: your dash is your safe don’t feel obligated to follow me if the content of my blog isn’t pleasing you