Tony was absolutely excited that he was going to get exactly what he had been wanting for a while now. Sure, it wasn’t ideal or anything but if this was how it was to be done then so be it. He knew he way around the sorority like he had a map of the place and before anyone had even seen him he was in Cameron’s room waiting on the bed for him to show up so he could manipulate him into being his little slut for the year. Just thinking about it made him half hard and he reached into his pants to adjust himself as he waited.

Not telling Quentin that Sara is dead and Laurel impersonating her is ridiculous and stupid, but Arrow is an absurd soap opera at the best of times so it’s pretty par for the course.

In other news, no one has told Laurel that Thea killed Sara. No one has told THEA that Thea killed Sara or that Oliver is the Arrow or that he is presumed dead.

Arrow: Where No One Ever Tells Anyone Anything

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From last week day #1 of the @AEEXPO w/ this beauty that I’ve known for only a short amount of time, however I feel like I’ve known her forever love you babe @christianacinn visiting me at my booth @hotmovies 💃✨💛👯👭💄👠👗💌💋 dressed in @jigsawonmelrose 💌💘💞👣

I eat so horribly when I’m on my period.

I put peanut butter pie filling on top of my banana pudding and convinced myself it wasn’t so bad cus I needed the bananas to help with my cramps.

I bought a taco from taco bell, drove next door to McDonald’s, ordered food, and ate the taco while I was waiting.

I put M&M’s and chips in a bowl and ate that for breakfast.

There’s really no excuse for the lack of will power.

when lavi wants attention he’s way too afraid to ask for it so he actually withdraws into himself because he wants people to be encouraging him but he’s not getting any encouragement which makes him feel really isolated (and he’s supposed to be isolated but he can’t handle it) because he can’t reach out so it’s a vicious cycle


Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Nothing Came to Me