Through a magical miracle I was able to acquire the GLTAS Style Guide, which is a binder catalog of images along with a disc for all the files in PSD or AI format. I was hoping it’d have some stuff we hadn’t seen, but I had no idea what a goldmine I’d landed.

Here’s just some highlights of the files in this baby, because I love you all. TAT<3

Isaia at Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco.

Wilkes Bashford hosted an Isaia trunk show this past weekend and I had an opportunity to meet and chat briefly with the company’s president, James Shay. He seemed like a nice guy who’s enthusiastic about running a company that makes some of the most amazing clothing-that-I-can’t-afford around. 

Pitti Uomo 87 - day I sneak peek

A few shots what was seen - from the big names - yesterday. As usual, Isaia came up with a strong play with colors and storytelling and Tombolini & Eleventy with more restrained color palettes. Finally Lardini with a very convincing and versatile collection and stunning individual pieces.

Shown in the pics - Isaia / Lardini / Tombolini / Eleventy


Prince Naveen from Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” Royal Family Tree.

LOLOL Besides arguing how NOTblack!!!1 Naveen is, people also argue about what the heck kind of fictional country Maldonia really is, if he’s SpanishPortugueseBrazilian something (based on his accent) or ArabicIndianMorrocoAlgerian something (based on his facial features and name). LOLHAY HOW ABOUT HE’S ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL THINGS, GUISE? :3 

(tree based on clues in Movie)

Not to mention he’s a great character with an actual personality yayyyy

Even if it’s haphazard, it has some interesting potential for backstory.