Happy, happy Tuesday tiger family!

This starts a new week and new semester for us! Please make note of the events happening so you know what is going on through the school year. 


  • Reflection/Resolution Challenge (Month of January)
  • Now until January 13th: Winter/holiday break
  • January 14th (Wednesday): Spring semester starts
  • January 16th (Friday): Isabella Allen’s 21st birthday
  • January 19th (Monday): Martin Luther King Day - no classes
  • January 20th (Tuesday): Classes resume 


  • Please check the starter tag before you decide to make your own, or just the dash in general. If there was one before yours, try to answer it before making your own. It’s not very nice to make starters on top of others.
  • Mind the days that you have not posted. Reblogging ONE song, picture, or convo is not activity. After four days, you will be put on activity warning.
  • Please do not rely on your activity button for responses you owe, sometimes they are faulty. Scroll down the dash or check the notes on your posts as they can tell you if you have any. Please do not just keep conversations with your ship partner or possible ship partner. Branch out, make friends, enemies, and connections! This is, after all, a group role play.
  • Events and challenges are mandatory, as stated in the rules. 

Thank you! We hope you have an awesome week! Keep being amazing people! XD

- Your Admins