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amazing erisaac video using non teenwolf clips. watch it! if you made this video please contact me so that i can link you as source.

Slice of Life | | Isaac & Erica

Isaac couldn’t remember the last time he had a pizza. It had been a few weeks and he was excited to get a slice. The pizza place was a bit of a walk, but walking didn’t bother Isaac. Hell, he could run the entire way and not be winded, but he still liked walking places. He loved running and using all his strength, but sometimes he needed reminders of being human; walking worked for that. Erica also helped him feel more human. Pack always helped ground him, when he was at his lowest he knew they would there for him. Since the full moon, he hadn’t talked to Erica a whole ton, so he couldn’t wait to eat with her. Once he got to the pizzeria, he looked around to see if Erica was already there.

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It’s nice having her here while I sleep. 

It’s safe, I can wake up from a nightmare and know she’s there, that she’s alright and I can press my face into her hair and she’ll unconsciously lean into me. 

I don’t know if any of you have ever shared a bed with someone after being single for a while, it takes a while to get used to. You have to get used to their movements until your body unconsciously moves around them… so you don’t wake up with feet in your back…

To be fair, that’s my fault, god knows how I ended up down here…

Anyway, i’m up now and I might as well answer some questions while I do so go!