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I don't really understand why it is a problem if you dress up like a certain culture in coachella. they think that it's beautiful how some people are dressed or used to be dressed, it actually is a praise for the culture. I mean they aren't doing it beacause they want to blame the people in that culture :) i don't mind eather when people who are not living in bavaria wear a dirndl ( sry if there are any mistakes )

dont apologize for mistakes when it comes to english- its the language of global capitalism and colonisation and should not be spoken correctly in the first place tbh
I personally think simply taking bits and pieces of someones culture first of all is disrespectful. White girls in random festivals think its pretty, use bindi as a fashion statement and couldnt care less about the entire culture and the meaning behind it. Furthermore, the people whose culture we’ve been appropriating are forced to blend in with the white mass, are often ashamed of their own heritage and culture, are considered “not assimilated enough” if they wear their bindi, are called dotheads etc. Is that fair? they cannot embrace their own culture and see white girls like me taking pieces they like and using them as accesories in order to stand out while what they are forced to do is blend in.

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So if I understand that uzwhatever rant correctly, it's somehow now a plot of some sort that BC was born white, male, and heterosexual? And it's not going to change any time soon? Pray tell, what 'change' could occur? He wakes up black, female, and a lesbian? Would that get them to shut up and not blame him for the ills of the entire social system all over the world? I think he'd be surprised he's that damn powerful in the grand scheme of the world.


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Is it stupid to he disappointed in AWM over his (probable) decision? I'm not blaming him and I don't think we're truly in a position to understand everything that's going on (could be ABC's fault after all though I can't imagine that). But it always felt like this show is his passion and if I remember correctly he said in interviews that he saw the possibility of much more. So I guess now I'm feeling as if he let us down...

I can certainly understand being disappointed because so much of the story is his and Terri’s story, and that’s really comforting.

Having said that, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of movement in terms of how people are talking about his involvement in the show over the last couple of days. It went from sounding like he was definitely on his way out – that they both were – to talking about his involvement more in terms of uncertainty, and not really mentioning Terry’s at all. And, in that last interview Marlowe sounds like a guy who plans on being around in some form.

So before we get too upset, I think it best to keep an eye on where things are, see where they go from here.