hey, so!! if you are a creative person you should totally check out the Makerbook website. 

it describes itself as ‘A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives’ and it is basically that: a website split into lots of categories with links to lots of awesome resources for you to use in whatever creative endeavors you want to attempt (whether it it making videos, graphics, art etc.) it has categories like stock photos and videos, fonts and color swatches, and even mockups as well as other stuff. 

it seems like it would be really handy and it going to be constantly updated so I think it would be something great to keep an eye on if you are the kind of person who uses those kinds of things! 


For another placewinner at my giveaway bloodster !! Really, really lovely ocs by bloodster and machopie who I’ve actually been a huge fan of for a long time. I am pretty sure this counts as doing something cute together?? Ever since the first time I drew these ocs though they are always super intense together… I hope you enjoy!!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say that I love your youtube channel but I also wanted to ask you what you plan on doing with it? Like are you trying to become a youtuber or is it just for fun because I genuinely could imagine you becoming a really good youtuber. Anyway, keep making videos they're really good!!

aw thank you! I’m not “trying to become a youtuber” or anything I just really enjoy making videos/films; I always have. tbh I have no clue what I plan on doing with my channel. the only plans I have are to keep making things. that’s literally it :D