Keeping a journal or planner, or both, is a great habit for organizing, stress management and creativity. Also its fun getting to actually fill all those notebooks you’ve been collecting and hoarding isn’t it? I put together this masterpost to get you started planning and journaling and for improving and learning new things!

Remember there is no ‘right’ way to use a journal or planner and if you fall out of the habit you can always pick it up again whenever you want! 

Journaling and Planner Resources for 2015

Getting Started

Calendar Printables/Make Your Own Planner

Productivity and Journaling Systems


Creative Journaling and Prompts for Journal Writing

Other kinds of Journals

More Printables

Tips for Beautiful Pages

Customize your notebook or planner!

Blogs for Inspiration

bullet journal pages you could start in 2015

(or at any time, really, but lots of people have new journals now and it’s nice to get something happening in them) 

  • books to read this year
  • books read this year (as a record) 
  • films to watch
  • a self-care and self-rewards masterlist so you have something to refer to when you need a break or something nice 
  • things to learn
  • things learnt 
  • music to listen to 
  • music discovered 
  • wishlist of things to find while thrift-shopping 
  • list of life reminders, to accumulate all the advice and good things you find this year
  • a list of dream aesthetics because why not, who said a bullet journal has to be practical and work-focused always
  • a list of resolutions, if that’s your kind of thing 
  • a list of road-trips to make 
  • a list of charities or causes to donate to (to return to and work through whenever you have extra money) 
  • a list of friends’ birthdays and important dates to remember 
  • a list of the names of new people you meet
  • a list of the things that comprise the person you would like to be
  • a list of things you want to do that are not about school or work, just about what you would like
  • a list of ideas you find difficult but important
  • a list of simple things you have every right to be proud about, be that getting out of bed one more time a week, or surviving all the small things. 
  • a list of small and large things that have happened to you this year, so at the end you look back and see, condensed, some of the things that changed you.
  • whatever you want 

I started journaling again. I have so many notebooks that I use for studying, or prayer writing when I have no strength to speak. And now I found this one from last year and only two pages are written about - when marius proposed, and my baptism day. So I’ve decided this will be my journal where I can write down important days I want to always remember, because it’s wonderful to go back and remember how I felt on those special days. So I’m catching up, and it feels amazing. (Those are polaroids of when we came home after our honeymoon, us in the airport, then driving home, and our first photo in our home.) ❤️


For the anon who was asking for some of my bullet journal pages! These are a few of my favorite ones.

As you can see, I basically slap down washi tape wherever possible, hehe. I use my bullet journal as a daily task list/actual journal, so it’s more expansive and touchy-feely than your standard bullet journal, but I love using it as a creative emotional outlet as well as a source of organization. I don’t do monthly calendars/task lists - I work best in weekly formats, and I have another planner for that.

Hope these provide some inspiration!