I was thinking of AUs for CP and I can’t stop laughing at the “first things you say to each other are tattooed on their body” soulmates au. Jack would have “Hey y’all” or something else super southern on him. (When he was born, Bad Bod was like “It’s English…I think.”) And Bitty! He’d have something like “Stay focused, Bittle.” OR GOD FORBID “Bittle, eat more protein.” Like can u imagine growing up with that on your body. “Your soulmate sounds like a real charmer Eric.” I’m actually crying, imagining this.


i was locked(?) out of my bedroom last night and had no access to a bed so i stayed up all night to draw facecanons for all the insurrectionists lol

nothing is final but it was a good exercise to try drawing new faces

sometimes i feel my drawings are stale and all the faces I draw the same,

could use more work.  i’ll improve on it later

maybe i’ll draw all the facecanons of everyone  (○`・Д・´)9

if you dunno who’s who you can click to see who’s who

oh and here’s present sharkface in full size so you can actually compare

This post has actually killed me because I can’t get over the idea of Dad!Len

like maybe he found out he had a kid after the mum died or something and Len just can’t let this three year old boy stay with the asshole step-dad so he takes him in. And the only one who knows is Auntie Lisa who absolutely spoils the boy. 

So Len has a babysitter for when he and Lisa both have to ‘work’ at the same time, but otherwise Len is always there playing with his boy who he loves more than the world. He gets him loads of toys and takes him to get ice cream and watches disney films (he insists that he hates them and that the kid decided Frozen was his favourite all by himself, but Lisa knows what’s really going on)

And this little boy is literally the most important thing in his life, because he is determined to be a better father than his was, and if he can give this kid a great life then it makes everything he’s gone through somewhat more worth all the pain. 

and when his kid sees the flash on the telly he gets all excited and len makes sure to tell his son that he can be a hero like the flash someday too


tagged by spewzabeth for the 20 beautiful women challenge, thank you tagging me! Damn I look like a different person in each one

Anyway, for the longest time I really hated my face and my body, because I didn’t look like anyone else at my old school (catholic school, mostly white and very sporty) But the people here have made me appreciate myself. I’m cute! ^ ^ And I really thank you guys for that.

 I guess I’ll tag some people whose beautiful faces I need to see more often: silver-katsagyabi-chan (although I guess you do take a lot of selfies, you always look so pretty in your icons!), potsugi, hoodlumsheeta, other hoodlum-sheeta, lovediemmie, suzuias, pakuoda and anyone else that wants to participate! Cuz there are way more people I want to tag…

kendraasaunders asked:

Eddie loves ice cream. Imagine his favorite flavor being neapolitan. "Why the heck do you like neapolitan?" Barry asks him incredulously one day. Eddie lifts a spoonful to his mouth. "I like things that come in threes." He says, and bites down seductively on his spoon. Barry chokes.