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how do you explain pics of Miarren before Glee? 2.bp*blogspot*com/-jdwdLx_LWL0/UIA2MSSbnNI/AAAAAAAAEVY/L6GFd_w0sQY/s1600/Darren+Criss+Girlfriend+Mia+Swier+2012_3*jpg

I will say I think it’s possible Mia and Darren dated at one time (prior to Glee). However I absolutely do not think Darren would ever have been serious with a person like Mia especially given the family he comes from. Yes Darren is a grown man who makes his own decisions but his family is obviously incredibly important to him and I’m sure he values their opinions. I can’t see such respectable people like Mama and Papa Criss approving of someone who shows their tits off and talks about supposed sex acts with Darren on twitter.

That aside the fact that he was seen hanging out with her prior to Glee should if nothing else raise some interesting questions to you chillarrens as he himself has had conflicting info on when this supposed relationship with her dates back to. In 2013 during the Kiss 92 radio interview (when he first talked about her) he said before Glee. In the Billboard interview (2014) he said (rather unprovoked) "I don’t think I’ve ever done anything for five years… I was talking about relationships, jobs, living in an apartment. I’ve never been, you know, committed to one thing for as long as I’ve been to glee."  *

Either way even if they did have something prior to Glee there is no way he’s with her now. Even if she didn’t behave the way she does and even if Chris didn’t exist I’ve never once seen Darren look like he’s remotely into her never mind in love.

"It's just fiction"

Do you ever just overanalyse something in a story and get so worked up by it and you vent about it to all your friends and then they say ” it’s just fiction”.

Like can you not, I am here talking to you about something that is very important to me and what you said was so rude.

Even if it is fiction, to me it is real. To me, the world the story is set in is so real and a place where I can escape to.

People tell me I have an obsession but I like to call it a passionate interest.

Basically I have nothing else to do so sorting out fictional characters’ problems entertains me. Don’t judge me.

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Turning 16. Male (gay not that it really matters, hypothetically) Glasses , Lightbrown hair, blue eyes. I mainly spend my time playing PC games or surfing the web. BUT if I'm not im listening to music, writing/reading and drawing/art but not very good at it.I'm usually quiet and i think a lot in my head but if someone sparks my interest then im as passionate and loud as ever. Quite humerous when i want to be, theres nothing really much else , i guess im still finding my self but yeah.

You sound lovely and I would definitely go on a date with you (if you weren’t gay, that is). But it could be a friend date and we could have passionate conversations about things that are important 😊 cute