Interviewer: You come across as a supportive husband…

Abhishek Bachchan: She’s my wife and I love her. Why will I not be there for her? It’s a sexist mindset, which believes it’s okay for a wife to be there at her husband’s premieres but not for a husband to do the same. I wasn’t brought up like that. My mother raised me differently. I have an elder sister and three cousins. My mother has two sisters. I’ve been brought up by women. So I never learnt to differentiate. If Ash can accompany me to my events, why shouldn’t I attend hers? Every husband should be supportive towards his wife. And if you care for your partner, you have to be present physically and emotionally for them.


Kung Fury (2015)

Director: David Sandberg

Director(s) of Photography: Linus Andersson. Mattias Andersson, Jonas Ernhill, Martin Gardemalm, & Henning Sandstrom

Art Director: Janne Widmark

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

If you have not yet watched David Sandberg’s short film, you can do so right here. I assure you that it will not disappoint.

So I just was getting 100% harassed and gropped by this dude at a concert and this older lady was like “are you uncomfortable? dont worry sweetie I’ll take care of it” and I was like oh how sweet she’s gonna tell him to back off for me! Yeah no she turned around and straight up socked him right in the nose.
Girls standing up for girls. I love 2015.



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