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It’s a bit rushed, but I’ve adapted one of your audio posts again

Wow, I love this.  This post is a personal favorite of mine.

Original audio post here.


Before this, I guess

I can only hope the heterosexuals never corrupt these children


亀さんまとめ2 by mako on pixiv

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Looks like the creators of Yooka-Lalyee have high hopes for their characters.

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I’ll be honest, I would much rather Yooka and Laylee get into SSB4 over Banjo and Kazooi. With BK being owned by Microsoft, having them appear in Smash Bros. would just be … you simply shouldn’t put a rival game consoles mascot in your games, regardless of past relations. BK was killed by Microsoft, and I say we let them rest in peace and move onto something bigger and happier. something with bright green scales, and webbed wings.

We’d be down for either ONE to make it in, really!  They’re probably not the ABSOLUTE most likely choices but….hey.  You guys didn’t forget about that ballot, didja? :D


compliments pt1: “youre like a brother to me”

SSB Link is getting some training from Lady Wii Fit Trainer, who he really likes because she has a nice voice and she’s not a total friggin’ weirdo like practically everyone else. Guy Wii Fit Trainer is her husband and has a bit of a jealous streak. 

Oh and fuck you SSB Link and your complicated everything.