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i hate when peopl say bad things about Shailene just because she doesn't like feminism. i mean, she's such a cutie and a beautiful person. maybe she's wrong about feminism or not but she's not hurting anyone.

Hmm… you’re very close! It is true that Shailene is a beautiful person with a really kind heart. But the whole deal of being labeled as a specific someone is the reason why she tends to be misunderstood.

From my POV, she’s a down-to-earth person who does not want to be defined as someone or by anything specific. When a person is somehow labeled by words that people describe them as, it tends to create a barrier of disharmony. Disagreements will occur based on a single status that the society has put you in, and you won’t be able to enjoy your freedom without being judged by the people; in this case, it would be mostly the media and what they write about Shai.

Quite the contrary, Shailene supports gender equality as much as all feminists do, so it’s not because she doesn’t like it! I think she wants to be known as Shailene Woodley, who not only is a brilliant actress, but also a person who has various interests, hobbies and beliefs like any others do. :)

PS: Read this! It basically gives you the answer you want! 

Have a nice day. <3 

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so how are you able to deal with this hitting verse now and still maintain your faith? Very curious as this bothers me too. I feel like I sadly just brush it off and say most people just misunderstood this verse? My male cousin who really likes Brown, also subscribes to the notion that he MUST be able to support his wife financially and therefore wants to marry someone who doesn't want to work. So much frustrations with "traditionalists." I respect they don't want to displease God...but eh???

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact answer. I have not studied the verse, it would require a lot of time. I remember that just to study the word hoorin-ayn, it took me 3 weeks. And Q4:34  would need multiple words to be reviewed. But here is what I know:

-Q4:34 is surrounded by verses that are about wealth management and protecting people’s rights. Q4:29 is about how to be just with regards to wealth consumption+business transactions, Q4:30 warns against injustice in the aforementioned regard, Q4:31-Q4:32 seem to be fairly non-specific instructions on conduct. Q4:33 is about rights of individuals, giving them their share of inheritance. 

-then you have Q4:34. This verse is apparently about how to discipline wives. With very specific instructions on how to go about it. In 3 steps: admonish, abandon, beat. [ side note: discussions by classical scholars on this verse centered around how to deliver these 3 steps. They asked central questions like is it all consecutive, is it simultaneous, what constitutes nushuz, whether a man ought to compensate if he killed his wife accidentally in the process, everything you couldn’t even imagine except for whether this was at all unjust]

-Q4:35 is again non-specific, talks generally about arbitration and mutual reconciliation. 

-Q4:36, we are back to talking about rights of different individuals in society, and doing good. Q4:37 is again about not being stingy. Q4:38, again about wealth! Warning about spending your wealth only to be seen.

So why in Allah’s name would 4:34 would be about disciplining of wives. It seems so out of place and peculiar.  God’s message here is about how to deal with wealth in a socially conscious manner, and how to be a decent to others in protecting their rights, and right smack in the middle God wants to give believers a protocol for hitting their wife? I don’t believe that fits not only with the message of the Quran, but also specifically with the message of the verses surrounding it.

I believe that Q4:34 would also be about maintaining those who are in need, and would fit with the rest of the verses. So I don’t believe that it has anything to do with wives or marital discord at all. But beyond that, I don’t know. I just have not studied it.

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tell me about your passion?

I have a really strong passion for the things I believe in, I think that if you don’t stand up for the subject when it’s being misunderstood or ridiculed, you don’t truly believe in it. I have passion for feminism, I believe that when we open our minds and our hearts to see everyone as the same, without being blinded by color or gender or sexual orientation or how someone dresses or etc, that people will be a lot happier.