For real though, I understand why there are anti-feminists…it’s because of radfems who actually misunderstood feminism and use it against men. I am against radical feminism too but that doesn’t mean I’m against feminism itself. I am totally a feminist because the core of this movement upholds my beliefs, even if some people like radfems don’t. They do not define feminism for me. I refuse to let them fuck up what feminism is really needed for. I am a feminist because I believe that men and women are equal and not because I only want to empower women. I am aware that there are people who call themselves feminists and yet, they do not live by the core of this movement and I swear I will try to help in fixing this because I know that both feminists and anti-feminists are getting tired of this bullshit. Also, I don’t have anything against egalitarianism because they believe in equality and I’m okay with it. Note: There are shitty people who call themselves feminist and there are feminists trying to fix their ideology of feminism. I just want y'all to know that we’re doing something about it.

I don’t really get when feminists say something to the effect of ‘how can a movement for women be so misunderstood to the point where people still think it’s about men’.

First, some feminists claim that feminism is for men too, so is it or isn’t it? I don’t think 98% of feminists think that way, but a bunch of them say it and then don’t practice it.  If you honestly think feminism is good for men too, then it’s about men to some degree, right?

Second, the bigger point here is that feminism, as it’s usually understood as being for women only, has to address men.  It simply has to.  By nature of existing.  You’re talking about a movement that claims to be for the entire female population.  About 50-51% of the population.  So that other ~50% is male.  There’s really only one side or the other here (since nonbinary genders make up less than a percent of the population, at least in the US).  So how can a movement claiming to represent 50% of the population possibly exist independent of the other 50%?  How could they possibly not address each other? 

It’s just tiring and damaging to be misunderstood all the time. They think you’re talking about balls, but really you are talking about the air inside the ball. They think you are anti-feminist, but really you just don’t understand feminism but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to. I’m sorry, but people need to calm down and replay. Sometimes there are higher states that we have to understand. We can’t push around a person. Tbh, aren’t we suppose to not push people around?!

i think feminism needs a new name because the name “feminism” is often misunderstood and i feel really let down when uninformed members of society declare that they are not feminist because this spreads the idea that feminism is bad and then more uninformed ppl become anti-feminist and they don’t bother to look up the actual definition of feminism bc they assume that their role model did before they made that statement and its really sad bc i see people who I KNOW have feminist values state that they aren’t feminist and its rly frustrating bc it brings everyone a step back in the fight for equality.

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Aphrodite, eros, hera :)

Thank you so much! What I find attractive in a person: humour and intelligence. Shy or outgoing, I like people I can be comfortable with and talk about anything with. I can be very shy when I like someone that I don’t know that well, so if they make the first move that would make things a lot easier haha. As for physical features, it depends. I usually love when they (boys) are tall and have slightly curly, longer (dark) hair and blue eyes and nice arms and hands, but really that doesn’t mean anything. I can get attracted to all kinds of people.

I’m not going to describe my crush, sorry. Even though this is tumblr I just don’t feel comfortable doing so. I’m very unsure about the whole situation anyway.

My opinion on feminism: yes!!!! Literally one of the most important things in this world. It’s sad that it’s so very misunderstood. I feel like even most women and girls don’t really see its importance, or only think certain groups of people need it. Everybody needs feminism. And feminism should be there for everybody. I have more to say but I realllly need to go to bed.