adrianainreverse asked:

I saw your post when you put both definitions of feminism and egalitarianism. I didn't really understand the difference. Do you mind explaining feminism more?

Can you please check my blog and reply to my question I posted for both feminists and anti? It’s title is Please Reply

I went down reading your blog! I feel that I’ve gotten really informed. I know that feminism is women’s rights and the other is all equal rights. Why is feminism bad? To be it sounds like what started out to be a good thing that became flooded with people who misunderstood the term. (Sorry for sending all these asks)

It’s ok, sorry for not answering them at the time, I was asleep.

For your question, that is obviously a sad double standard and it is not fair, but I will say that this is anecdotal evidence and does not necessarily apply to all situations.

Well the dictionary definition of a movement is biased, a movement is not going to call itself a hateful or bad one, so we should not take the dictionary definitions of either Feminism or Egalitarianism as read, we should instead look to the actions of the movement. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, Feminism is neither a helpful movement nor one that supports the concept of gender equality.

anonymous asked:

You're joining this wave of people who are like "oh fuck feminism and feminist" without really realizing what that entails for the idea of feminism itself, its becoming a misunderstood topic and it's a step backwards.

I understand the basics of feminism, but how i said, i am against the third wave and misandry. But i believe that feminism should be going to third world countries and care about both sexes/genders.