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“Did you sleep with someone else?” [austin] /shots fired

The young brunette’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor of their one bedroom apartment at the words that Austin had spoken. She blinked rapidly for a few moments, a sign of her anger Austin knew all too well. “How dare you,” she spat threw clenched teeth. The blood that had previously been traveling through her body at a normal rate had rushed to her face, making it turn into a devilishly red color that no makeup could cover. “After everything we’ve been through? Everything I’ve been through? How dare you stand there and look me in the face and ask me that.” If Austin thought he’d ever seen her upset before, he had no clue of the storm hidden within her small body. Christa’s jaw was still tight as she stood in the kitchen, staring at Austin, and she dug her nails into her delicate palms to calm herself down. But nothing was working. Slowly, Christa approached the man who not a week earlier had been in Afghanistan on deployment, and stopped when she was close enough to stop herself from slapping him. “No, I didn’t sleep with someone else… But I’m starting to wish that I had, you fucking dick. She answered. 

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well my friend… it’s this brutal af game of thones esque competition that takes place every year which always brings europe close to starting a third world war. each country must fight to sit on the throne and only one will survive… also it’s kinda gay and there’s lots of singing, but it’s brutal af i’m tellin u

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maybe i'm being too optimistic about about eclare's fate. i just want to believe all of this wasn't for nothing

I understand where you’re coming from. But TV writers are brutal af.


We did it!!! National Championships in Vegas, here we come!!! So proud of my team. These past two days were brutal AF. But we pulled through together as a team and achieved the unfathomable. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing team with such wonderful individuals. Even when I’m about to have my hangry and tired tantrums, you guys kept me sane and brought me back down to earth, by letting me know everything was okay and no matter what, win or lose, it didn’t matter and just to have fun. Thank you! I can’t get over it! We did it!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! #APA #RegionalChampions #SanBernardinoCounty #NationalChampionship2015 #poolplayers @poolplayer103 @pinkprincess264 @vrdaniels01 (at Stix Billiards Sports & Grill)

english teacher brutal af

“These essays are the worst essays I have ever read-in my ENTIRE life. If you know that you turned in five sheets of rambling then I suggest you redo your paper tonight. I will give you back your revised essay tomorrow, but 60% of them need to be totally redone.”

but to be fair most of us (like me) wrote them the night/morning before they were due so its understandable (me, axe, and someone else just livetweeted it until we were done).