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  • James Roday is now on Instagram
  • Tim Omundson was in Hot in Cleveland a few weeks back. You can watch the episode here (probably US only).
  • Maggie Lawson continues to do a lot of work with her pet rescue Tiger Frances.
  • Dulé Hill finished filming the pilot for Doubt. We should know in a few weeks if it is getting picked up as a series.
  • Liam James is one of the final 5 contenders to play Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which is funny to me because Skyler Gisondo was in the Sony-Spiderman! haha)
  • Kurt Fuller will be on Bones on 4/30.
Reasons I think Fablehaven is a grossly underappreciated series

I’ve been a huge fan of this series ever since my parents bought me the books about 8 years ago or so, but sadly, in the light of the final novels for the Harry Potter series making their debut, other fantasy novels were lost to the wind in the tidal wave of fame HP received. So I’m just going to make a big appreciation post for one of the greatest novel series of all time (in my opinion - and I’m going to keep it as spoiler free as possible). If you read this series, or heard of it, you might understand what I talk about, and you are now my friend.

Here’s a list of things that, as a writer, I appreciate:

  • The story context. The idea of a preserve for magical creatures is just baller, okay? Tell me that doesn’t sound epic.
  • The protagonists. Not only are there two main protagonists, who share the attention of the plotline equally, but they are also SIBLINGS. The brother, Seth, is a bit of a troublemaker, and is the catalyst for a lot of crazy interactions (though he rarely takes things too far if he can help it). He’s got high levels of sass, and his lines are some of the best I’ve ever seen in writing. He’s enjoyable, but also knows when it’s time to cut the crap. Since he’s rarely serious, that makes the impact all the greater when he DOES get his act together. Kendra, the older sister by one year, is a stickler for keeping to the rules, but will often cave in and follow her brother around at the promise of a little fun, even though most of the time she’s making sure he just doesn’t hurt himself. While more sensitive than her brother in some cases, she’s often the stronger of the two, in that she gets. Sh*t. DONE. It is so rare for me to find novels and written works that have protagonists who are also close siblings and maintain their relationship as brother and sister realistically throughout the series, and their personalities bounce off of each other SO WELL. They’re easy to follow, but still intelligent. A good balance that respects the characters as well as the reader for not dumbing down their speech when unnecessary.
  • The writing. The style is beautiful, it absolutely paints pictures in your head. Which is great, since actual illustrations are hardly ever present in the book - only 2-3 full-page images per book that aren’t the small titlecards to the chapter at the top of the page, which only serve the purpose of showing the location of the current chapter. A lot of care and attention went into the writing of these novels - the pacing is perfect to keep you absorbed and not bore you, but also not too fast so as to be throwing things at you when you need a break from the insanity. And trust me. There will be insanity.
  • The Fables. They’re not technically called ‘Fables’ in the books, it’s just easier for me to call them that - in reality, I’m referring to EVERY SINGLE FANTASTICAL CREATURE. Not just the classics - demons, dragons, fairies, centaurs - but also the incredible variety and the sheer scale of it all. Fablehaven incorporates legends from all over the world, it truly gives you the feeling that there is magic everywhere, to the point where you almost can’t escape it. I swear to god, I started checking everywhere to look for magical animals when I was done reading these novels, and I was sixteen when I finished them - these books are that good, people. Egyptian/African mythological creatures? Got ‘em. Native American legends? Those too. Australian terrors? Yep. Nordic mythical creatures? Absolutely. Outlandish and surreal new monsters you haven’t thought of? Definitely. You want it? Fablehaven probably has it.
  • The risk. There is no pussyfooting around with this series. They establish right away in the very first book that literally anything can kill you. ANYTHING. Clay golem = deadly as hell. Water nymphs = oh their goal in life is to kill you because it’s ‘funny’. Fairies = mess with them, they will wreck your shit. Cursed plants = have been known to leave no survivors. Floating balloon-like bulbs = yeah those are filled with an extremely acidic gas that will fill the air instantly and melt you like butter if they pop, which can happen if you so much as touch them. The sense of danger being everywhere is very potent, and keeps you on edge for something to go down all the time.
  • The villains. Oh, there’s no way in hell I’m telling you who the villains are. Because you will never see it coming when you find out. Half of the series, you don’t even know who the villains are, and sometimes you even question which is morally right or wrong. Which makes it all the more disturbing when you find out who. But I will tell you this. The villains are some of the most bone-chilling I’ve ever read about, and this is coming from a second-year college student. This isn’t Scooby Doo, kiddies. The author doesn’t BS around and treats it as real life, and by god does it work.
  • The plot twists. Once again, I ain’t telling you jack. You have to find out for yourself. The writers and editors for these books were geniuses. Only when you hit the plot twists and the bombs are dropped on you do you realize that they were being hinted to at all.
  • THE MOTHERF%$#ING DRAGONS. DUDE. Fablehaven has one of the BEST. THE BEST. INTERPRETATION OF DRAGONS I’VE EVER SEEN. Dragons aren’t just beasts to be slain, or ridden like steeds - the dragons are magical beings of incredible power, revered and allowed to live freely in secret magical preserves. Not because they’re hunted, oh no. Because if they were allowed to be released into the world, they would cause massive chaos when attacked by humans who don’t understand them. The dragons are NOT to be trifled with - in fact, if you tried to ride one, they would kill you on the spot. To put a skeleton of one on display is practically blasphemous, so trophy hunters beware. And since their powers vary by species and individual, they aren’t just stereotypical firebreathers. There’s dragons who can turn into human form, there’s dragons who are made entirely of poison to the point where being in the same room as them would be instant death, dragons who can do nothing but turn invisible, even a six-legged Quetzalcoatl-like dragon who breathes a gas that forces people to tell the truth. Just. Mother. F*&^ing. DRAGONS.
  • The Fairy Trader. If you’re not even slightly amused by the fact that the magical preserve owners purchase and trade fairies with an Indiana Jones-type guy whose job is to travel the world and capture rare fairies to swap like Pokemon cards, our friendship is in jeopardy.
  • The drama. The moments when shit starts to get real, I can guarantee you will never forget. I can recall every moment from every book when things started getting heavy and dangerous, practically by heart. I draw a lot of inspiration from them, too. And harkening back to the variety of magical creatures that I mentioned before, that gives me a LOT of great source material from around the world.

And these are just some of the things! I can’t tell you any more of the things I want to gush about because they would be spoilers. But if this post doesn’t at least poke at your interest, well, I enjoyed writing it anyway.


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That time asapferg told lordmartyballa to rip a clean freestyle at tumblr staff headquarters.


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