is this our punishment

Eurovision 2015: Russia

So okay.

I have never seen so much hate on this website towards one country.
And now lets put our brains in the game for a minute.

This website is the place that has shown to me multiple times how important equality is. And now what are you doing? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TUMBLR?

Have you seen Polina Gagarina? That beautiful woman,  wonderful mother, great role model and just a kind person. And you here are punishing her for the decisions our politicians make. What the fuck? Eurovision is a SINGING CONTEST. SINGING. SINGING AS IN PEOPLE SINGING, NOT FUCKING BEING POLITICIANS. People put so much work in it, they rehearse for months 24/7, they put their soul, their heart into it. Polina was sitting there crying after every point she got, she was so nervous. That girl has NOTHING to do with the politics.

Just so you all know - not every Russian person is happy with the decisions of the government. And just so you know, Polina is neutral about it. She doesn’t discuss that in media much since she considers her job and main goal to be singing and sharing emotions with people. The song she made for Eurovision is so filled with sincere intentions, it is so pure and kind. And you here are so filled with hatred and all the awful stuff. This is so wrong. You are so unfair.

Everything around is already filled with politics. Stop making even music, the sacred art of so many people, stop making it about politics too. 


Today me and my friends got suspended for fighting for what we believe in. We all got a 3 day suspension and we have been told we might not be able to walk the stage. Please share the injustice the still thrives here in San Antonio, Texas. Far left to right: Jocelyn Thomas is the designer and the leader of our movement and the clothes we are wearing are her designs. Victoria Hall is an inspiring artist looking forward to studying in Austin this Fall. Me, Daija Wilkes is attending school to be a filmmaker, and lastly Teylor Nelson is a high school freshman. In addition to the above punishments, Victoria, the VP of our class won’t be able to make her speech at graduation and I won’t be able to put on my musical that I have been working on for a year.

Please sign our petition !!!

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technically christianity came from judaism, jewish practises were shared by christians and even jesus so for some christians judaism is returning to the roots of christianity its not "appropriation" or disrespectful

Jewish practice has evolved over the past 2000 years. Most Christian appropriation of Judaism is based on those later evolutions of post-schism Judaism. You have no “right” to any of that, especially when you consider that Christians have tried to forcibly convert, purge, marginalize, exile and murder us for those same 2000 years. 

When you let us practice our religion without policing us with discriminatory laws and behaviors that punish us for refusing to work on Saturday and for wanting to take time off work for our holidays, when you stop vandalizing our homes, businesses and synagogues, when you stop telling us to shut up about our various persecutions, when you stop policing our identities, when you stop mocking the “Old Testament” as outdated or barbaric, when you stop making laws against us, when you stop telling us to not be concerned about our representations in popular media, when you stop telling us anti-semitism is over because six million of us were murdered in the Holocaust and we haven’t been killed in the millions since (even if we’ve been exiled and oppressed in those numbers), and when you stop showing utter apathy to Jews in distress and when you stop denying the recent increase in global anti-semitism. Maybe then we’ll talk about whether or not I should have a problem with Christians treating us as some kind of cheap buffet of “outdated” customs for them to pick and choose from.


If there ’s any reason that God could exist and that he’s punishing us all for our actions, it’s this

Concerning the drama from TPP last night;

Dear streamer,

When you want babies to stop destroying something, you let them wreck it once and have to deal with their broken ‘toy’. Just turn the game off if we decide to delete our old save file- make us sit with a black screen for Moe for the rest of the run to mourn our selfish or accidental mistake.

Let it be the first run to actually end unsuccessfully, so that the action goes down in lore and we truly understand the consequences of meddling.

I promise you, only those who are set on sabotage, will ever try it again.

Only then you can be safe in dishing out permas for ‘wrong inputs’, because purposely sabotaging the stream could be the only intentions left.
Everyone else will likely fight to stop it happening. Just look at releases, wasting the masterball, ect. The fear stays alive, in a much more tactile manner than a permaban could ever hope to impose on future players.


TLDR; Getting rid of the baby is a very extreme measure to ensure a family does not have to deal with a television being filled with marmalade twice. The solution may work, but it’s not very proportional to the ‘crime’ in question.

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by mankind.

…But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, 


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The Boston bomber should be sentenced to the greatest punishment our country allows, but death may not be it. Life in a supermax prison sounds worse. Near total isolation for almost 60 years. You become less than human. True hell on earth.

This is a great statement – I don’t agree with the death penalty at all honestly? I think being alone with yourself and to reflect on what you’ve done would be the worst punishment. Death is mercy, if anything. It’s the easy way out.

- The Black One

Welcome to the UK

Our Justice Minister is pro-capital punishment
Our Equalities Minister is homophobic
Our Business Minister is against strikes and minimum wage
And the Disabilities Minister is against protecting children’s disability benefits and funding for cancer patients

Wow! What a great time we’re having!

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So, I read through Leviticus 20:7-22 and I was very confused. So, I understand that these things are not acceptable and they are very much sins, but I was wondering if you knew why the penalty is death when we are supposed to love even the sinners? It's hard to understand.

Hi beloved, 

Good question, its pretty much this simple:

The old testament (Genesis-Malachi) is a chronicle of the problem. It is a narrative of law and punishment. It is an expression of our worthiness of death and our need for a Savior.

Now don’t get me wrong there are a ton of expressions of grace in the old testament. God’s love is evident through the entire history of mankind because He’s that good. However, the focus of the old testament is a focus on need and not necessarily love.

The New testament is the answer to the need expressed in the old testament. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is what makes the sinner loveable. We know from Romans 5:8 that God loves us while we are sinners but its only the sacrifice of Christ that positions us to receive that love.

Hope this helps

Be blessed



That damn dress. She knew it would drive him crazy. That’s probably why she wore it. The red dress was cut with a very low V neck, leaving little to the imagination. The back scooped down low also, showing off her smooth skin and muscular back.
It was hard to keep his hands off of her all night, no pun intended.
The event had only just ended. The two were now standing in a press line, being interviewed by different magazines and journals.
“What do you say we make our way home, and I can punish you for wearing that damn dress again.” Robert whispered huskily in Kym’s ear.
“No, we need to stay for more press!” Kym told him, attempting to tease him in every way possible. She lifted her arm to her hair, pretending to fix her hair. It was really to tease her boyfriend even more. To show off her cleavage to him.
“Is it time to leave now?” Kym asked innocently, after they had done a few more interviews.
“It was time an hour ago.”

In the car, she decided to make it an even bumpier drive for him. She attacked his neck with small kisses, rubbing circles on his thighs through his suit.
“Kym, you are already in big trouble. You are only making it worse for yourself.” She only ignored him and continued. He tried to control his moans, act like she wasn’t being supremely sexy, but that proved more difficult that he thought. Kym moved farther up his pants, rubbing at his dick through the pants and boxers. He groaned, and she smirked. She continued to rub, changing pressure, until they got to her house. It was a good thing they got home when they did, he probably wouldn’t have lasted too much longer like that.
They both practically ran out of the car. Kym attempted to kiss him.
“None of that. I need to punish you young lady. Now go inside.” She willingly complied.
“You were very bad today. Wearing that dress and then making us stay, teasing me. This is earning you ten spankings. He removed her dress hastily, practically ripping off her bra and panties. He took her to their room, where he sat on the bed with her laid across his lap. She braced her body in preparation for the pleasure and the pain. He rubbed his hand over her bottom, before lifting it up and spanking her hard. She let out a little yelp.
"Are you okay Kymmie?” He asked, afraid he had actually hurt her.
“No..” She panted. “Keep going.”
They continued like that, rubbing and spanking.
“You have been such a bad girl.”
“I know I have!”
After ten times her bottom was raw.
“Did you learn your lesson?”
“Yes sir.”
He dove in to kiss her. She recuperated, tangling her hand in his hair, using the other to remove his clothes. She let go of his mouth and started placing kisses down until she reached his penis.

She placed the tip on her mouth, kissing and licking, before she took him in her mouth, bobbing her head and taking more of him in with each movement. She had him all the way in her mouth, using her hands to grab and fondle his balls, scraping the underside of his dick with her teeth. She looked up and made eye contact with her boyfriend. She winked, and that sent him over the edge.
“Fuck! Kym!” He called as he released into her mouth. She stood up, and he kissed her lips again.

He pushed her down onto the bed, and joined their bodies, pumping in and out of her quicker and harder then ever. They were so caught up in it that they didn’t hear Kym’s phone ringing in the other room.

Witney had realized soon after she left the event that she had left her walled at Kym’s place, where they had all gotten ready. She figured she should call Kym before she dropped by, but after multiply calls with no answer, she decided to go over and to let herself in. When she opened the door, she was greeted by Lola.
“Hi baby girl! Where is your mommy?”
Lola barked and ran to the base of the stairs. Witney hurried up the stairs. She heard some noise, but was unsure of what it was. She got closer. It sounded like… Moaning? Did Kym have a guy here? She decided to go and see for herself. As she got closer to Kym’s room, she decided that the sounds were most definitely moans. She heard a man tell out “oh, Kym!” The voice couldn’t have been anyone other than Robert.
Robert and Kym froze dead in their tracks.
“Shit.” Kym whispered.
“Are you two seriously fucking!” Witney said as she opened the door. She was greeted by her best friend and her boyfriends, laying naked, trying to hide themselves under a blanket.
“Oh my god! I knew you two were dating, but I didn’t know you were having sex yet!”
“Wit, why are you here?” Kym asked, embarrassed and her voice horse from the screaming she had been doing.
“I just came to grab my wallet that I left here, but man did I see more than I bargained for.”
“Is there any way I can get you to forget what you just saw?”
“Probably not.”
“Anyway I can get you not to tell anyone?”
“I’m not that awful, well, I’m sorry for interrupting this little fuck fest, I’ll see you tomorrow Kym.”

The next day, Kym walked into rehearsal for the female pro number. She was early, and Witney was the only one there so far. Kym walked in and out her things down, still embarrassed about what the other blond had witnessed the night before.
“So, it from the sounds that were coming from you, sounds like he’s pretty damn good.”
“Please wit, I don’t want to talk about it.”
“So is this a frequent thing?”
“I mean… Yeah sort of..”
“I can’t believe you were fucking him and you didn’t tell me!”
“I don’t really like to make my sex life public knowledge.”
“Did you use a condom at least?”
“Did who use a condom?” Sharna said as she walked in, overhearing only the end of the conversation.
“I walked in on Kym and Robert having sex last night.” Witney told Sharna.
“Oh my god! Kym! You didn’t tell me! I so knew it though.”
“Wait what did we know?” Peta asks as she walks in.
“Robert and Kym are fucking.” Sharna filled her in.
“Might as well tell the whole world!” Kym shouted.

True repentance has a distinct and constant reference to the Lord, Jesus Christ. If you repent of sin without looking to Christ, away with your repentance! If you are so lamenting your sin as to forget the Savior, you have need to begin all this work over again. Whenever we repent of sin we must have one eye upon sin and another upon the Cross. Or, better still, let us have both eyes upon Christ, seeing our sin punished in Him and by no means let us look at sin except as we look at Jesus. A man may hate sin just as a murderer hates the gallows – but this does not prove repentance. If I hate sin because of the punishment, I have not repented of sin – I merely regret that God is just. But if I can see sin as an offense against Jesus Christ and loathe myself because I have wounded Him, then I have a true brokenness of heart. If I see the Savior and believe that those thorns upon His head were plaited by my sinful words; If I believe that those wounds in His heart were pierced by my heart sins; If I believe that those wounds in His feet were made by my wandering steps and that the wounds in His hands were made by my sinful deeds – then I repent of sin after a right fashion. Only under the Cross can you repent. Repentance elsewhere is remorse which clings to the sin and only dreads the punishment. Let us then seek, under God, to have a hatred of sin caused by a sight of Christ’s love. 

- Charles Spurgeon