is that ok for u

yes, that’s my favorite band
no, you can’t fangirl over them cause they are mine and i was here first
—  some might say i’m cocky but THEY ARE MINE SCREW YOU, YOU TWAT

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What, what, what, what…

So it’s been 15 days since the season finale of Carmilla aired and 15 days since I gained 10 new amazing best friends that have quickly become such an important part of my life given the short span of time we’ve all spent talking to each other. December 2nd the 36th episode of Carmilla aired and just by chance some bloggers decided to get together and hold a skype call to share the experience of watching our favourite webseries come to (what at the time felt like) the end. I don’t think any of us realized what would come of the skype call but soon the “Trash Squad” was formed and really it was all downhill from there. We’re a bunch of rag tag misfits that each have different life experiences and  personalities but shockingly enough we all fit together pretty well

The crew (in no particular order):

Now here’s where I would ramble on about each of their qualities and how special they all are to me even though 15 days doesn’t seem like a lot of time to get to know 10 people but some how we’ve managed to cram in a lot of bonding sessions. Fortunately for you all I don’t feel like crying today so I’m just going be general instead because really I could be here for days talking about how awesome and unique these guys are. 

There’s really a bunch of everything in this group, we have talented writers and singers and musicians and people who are too nice for me to even comprehend, we have some pretty tough cookies that have been through and are currently going through some personal struggles but still manage to make us all laugh and smile every day, we’re viciously protective of our baby member (shoutout to tiny trash ash)) even though she’s definitely going to be cooler than us when she’s older and I’m pretty sure we’ve all started worshipping our oldest member ((dashel trash waddup)) because of the perspective and experience she’s shared with us. But really we’re all protective and caring about each other and we joke about favourites and who’s better than who but when it comes down to it hey’re all pretty important to me for one reason or another and  talking to them has been something very special to me. 

This has gotten very long and I’m not even remotely close to telling you all how much they mean to me and really I thought about making separate posts like these for each member but w o w that’s a whole fucking lot of effort and really about half way through this I got frustrated with it so I’m going to end it here with my final remark that 2014 hasn’t been my favourite year but these past two weeks have by far been made something special because of you guys. 

When you are six years old he says
“you’re my best mate. we’ll be
together forever, won’t we?”
and you smile and you laugh
and he does too
as the sky grows dark and you are
pulled back inside
the rays from the sun still lighting your eyes.

When you are ten years old you notice
how the light from his eyes has dimmed
but you don’t understand and neither should you.
‘he’s my best mate. we’ll always be best mates.’ you tell
your father, who has told you to treat h i m
as if he had secrets to hide.
but he’s your best mate. and
‘best mates don’t keep secrets.’

When you are twelve years old you notice
how your feelings have distorted.
When asked about a girl you said “but i don’t see her like that.’
one night you are with your best mate you feel
like he could cure the cancer you fear is in your soul
Even when your father
takes you to church and prays
for you to be spared from the boy sitting across the pews from you.

Age is just a number and now you are fifteen.
Nothing you have tried has changed what you feel for h i m
your father says that the soul you fear is your own
is destined to be judged at the gates of hell.
But your best mate, he looks hollow, as if his own soul
has been ripped from his body, as if his own thoughts poured petrol over it
to be ignited within his throat
or cursed for where his skin has been defiled by his grief.

Life is now a single void but people say you’re sixteen.
Your father says you are in his bad books, and God
reviews those bad books, and says that what h e does is sin.
‘But he’s your best mate. Your best mate would never sin.’
You tell yourself.
And you ignore the glow of his wrists as he
cries himself to sleep with his head curled in on your chest.
And you wake to find yourself cut with the exposed fractures of his mind.

You stare at the sheet of paper that states you are eighteen.
‘you are a man. you are a man. you are a man.’
And men don’t let themselves sin like you have sinned
You wash your mouth out with holy water each night before you sleep.
And your best mate washes the taste of a medicated high from his lungs
as he sits where you used to sit as kids, no life in his eyes
except the reflection a flame makes on the sorrows he has bled.

Those numbers. The world revolves around numbers and your age hasn’t changed.
‘that’s my son. you’ll make me proud.’
words leave a bitter taste on your tongue and you can’t think
the syllables your father had shot through his lips like bullets from the barrel of a gun
ricocheting from each of the frail walls inside your mind.
Blood satisfies nothing as your best mate longs for the white-hot burning
bright shine of his soul to be reflected in the cracks to his vessel
‘what soul?’

'Life is too short.' says men. They know you are nineteen.
Your body a reflection of their own, clad in armour a reflection of their own.
those bullets your father fired held poison
for you can feel an inferno inside your mind, inside your soul. (you still have a soul, don’t you?)
What happened to your best mate?
denial and betrayal and mourning. It was his fault you are there, you were sent to die
while he is here. Throat sore from sleepless nights.
He knows you better than you know yourself.

Time coils around your brain and you are still nineteen. Your existence is nothing but flesh wounds to yourself.
you curse(thank) whatever god is listening for that
mistake(escape) that sent you back
to the plane of Oblivion of which your father painted for you as a child. You deserved it. (you deserved it)

Your best mate is losing himself,
losing you.
He has already lost you
And himself.

—  Your Father’s Pride I - by sher

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Do I classify as a merciless sociopath or your everyday caring human being if I say yes to this poor drunk guy in a neon tank and bro-hat who’s been currently outside of the place for over thirty minutes claiming he knows someone in here, actually come in and smoke a bowl with me while we wait for his mystery woman?— were any of you expecting a nutcase tonight? Decisions, decisions.


Dem is one of the best people I’ve ever met and will probably ever know.

Not only are they cute and amazing, they’re okay with me babbling at them or rambling nonstop. They help me through emotional times, they laugh with me - and I draw a lot of admiration and inspiration from their art.

Dem is one of my best friends and God, they are so good to me; really, it’s incredible.

I enjoy talking to them immensely and reblogging or conversing about things they enjoy. They’re such a lovely person that it’s always a treat to do so.

I really hope they’re happy and that I can help with making them as content as possible. ♥️

irish-bandit asked:

Question what exactly does it mean when you say Clem is kin? I just don't understand and am trying to do so! Maybe I am ignorant but I am trying to educate myself as to what you mean??

well it means that im kin w/ her which means that i like„ that im her pretty much lol i dont really know how to explain it but for ex. its like kevin being Kenny bc as far as i know hes comfortable w/ being called Kenny and he has a p good kind of connection with him like i do with Clem. im not saying hes kin with Kenny bc that might not be the case but its just an example. im really not good at explaining stuff but thats pretty much what i mean when i say im kin with Clem. and when you’re kin w/ a fictional character u call urself fictionkin and its pretty fun tbh