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Derek and Parrish could be the same age. Maybe they went to school together. Maybe they are ex-boyfriends.


What if Parrish sees Derek at the station in that cell? I imagine their convo to go like this (after Derek stares at him for like a full minute, his eyebrows doing a lot of weird things which means Derek has a lot of conflicting emotions):



Some more staring and Parrish kinda smiles, not much, just a little twitch.

"I always knew you were trouble."

And Derek’s eyebrows go up, up, up.

"I can’t believe you just quoted Taylor Swift at me."

And Parrish’s eyebrows match Derek’s.

"I can’t believe you know who Taylor Swift is."

(There are a lot of things Parrish doesn’t know about Derek. But hey, the guy knows his dick’s size, so Derek just shrugs.)



I’d thought he was capable of anything. He wanted me to believe, I realized. When he’d shown me Botkin’s and Ana Kuya’s corpses. He’d wanted me to believe in his ruthlessness.
Then I remembered his words from so long ago: Make me your villain.
“I know what you thought, what you’ve always thought of me. It’s so much easier that way, isn’t it? To puff yourself up with your own righteousness.”

- Ruin and Rising, Leigh Bardugo

solarpunk society where the biggest government expenditure is on science research and scientists are the biggest celebrities

biochemists with hugely popular talk shows

morning radio giveaways to the first caller who can correctly answer a physics problem

children styling their clothing after personal protective equipment and decorating it with fake chemical splashes