is it summer yet

Of Note

- Pellicano arrived and it is most definitely NOT a size 5, it’s CRAZY long. I didn’t have time to measure it, but I will. And then I might just sell it because it took a month to get here, their linen blend is even more hardcore than Natibaby’s and I am not sending it back to Poland. Ugh. The Girasol Bay is in too and it’s beautiful but the middle marker is off. I checked the tag and it’s a size L. So was it a ring sling first? Because I don’t think they made this one in ring sling. It is much thinner than Stormy, I haven’t wrapped with it yet but it should be great for summer. AND first Lillebaby carrier is ordered, you know I had to get on that Tokidoki print! EEK!

- The blog is on white out. You can still see new and old posts via dash and app, but there’s nothing on the site. No specific reason, I think I’m just tired of people saying “I haven’t checked your blog in a while, how are you?”

- The little boys and I are on our way upstate for the week. Antonio is picking us up on Saturday and we’re going to spend some time with my other mom (the boys’ Oma) and the big boys. And I’m going to my favorite store. Alone. Halleloo.

anonymous asked:

Mama Kazzy, I'm graduating in May, and I have no idea what I want to do! Well, actually, I have a little idea. I want to major in Film Studies or in English. I know that if I get one now, I can get the other later, but I just can't decide what I want to do, and I'm completely stressing out! *hyperventilating* *heavy breathing* 😱😱

Hey, anon! Ok, hear me out here. Don’t even worry about it right now! First of all, you’ve got all summer before you’re even in college and don’t worry yet when you don’t have to! Enjoy this last summer before—it’s a fun one! :) Secondly, I didn’t declare a major until the last minute, I think at the end of sophomore year? You’ll have intro classes you have to take first anyway, regardless of what major you pick so you’ll have time to feel it out and talk to folks and find out what you might want to do. People will be declaring majors and then switching them left and right, so don’t stress too much right now! Just enjoy it! And if anyone tells you that you need to go into college knowing exactly what you need to do, just lean back in your chair and tell them this:

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I'm looking for some exercises for EDS-Hypermobility; I want to strengthen stuff without screwing up my joints further. I tried looking online, but all I got was "patients can do physical therapy" which is not at all specific or helpful. I read something about Tai Chi maybe being a good option, though. Do you or any of your followers have any experience with this or ideas about what I can do?

Hi! Well from what I’ve talked to my doctor about light strength training is the best for EDS. That’s pretty much what they do at PT too. You strengthen the muscles around your joints so they hold them in place better. I’m not entirely sure of specific exercises because I haven’t started it yet (going to this summer) but I know light strength training is very good for EDS.

Anyone else have good exercises for EDS??

so is everyone thinking of their summer aesthetics yet?

I haven’t had the time to meditate on it yet but it will come to me. I know that #summerofbongos never ended so that will always accent my look, but I am otherwise searching for the #look, the #vibe. I cannot buy new clothes so it will be a rebirth and reimagining of the old. 

Maybe that’s the aesthetic itself? A phoenix rises from the flames and starts playing a hand drum.

Photo by Klaus Priebe  ”Last summer proved to be one of the best storm shooting season yet. Wasn’t expecting a whole lot of activity from the storm at sunset outside of Madrid, NM last summer, but we were pleasantly surprised with a few bolts and this one that rocked the house.”

Lesbian Herstory Archives Internship

This is something I’ll probably be posting quite a few times to make sure that everybody sees it, so I’m gonna tag it as #lha internship if you don’t want it on your dash.
The Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn has asked me to intern with them over the summer to work on some special projects. Because the LHA is a non-profit, they cannot pay me. I’m broke. My family is broke. Unless my dad gets this job in Mississippi, he can’t help me at all. I’m not quite sure yet when the internship would be this summer and I’m not sure the length (still need to work that out with the LHA), but it would be rad if one of y’all could maybe hook me up and either let me stay with you (I could help with rent) or direct me to a cheap place. In the meantime I will try to save up money (I still have quite a lot of my refund left) and look elsewhere for funding.
Feel free to spread the word!

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I was tagged by the lovely almightyhorsegod

Nicknames: Jessie
Birthday: October 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5′2” (I’m short as hell)

Sexual orientation: Straight

Favorite color: Purple, teal, silver (I like most colors)

Time and date at current location: March 30th at 4:59 pm in Arizona

Average hours of sleep: 8-6 hours

Last thing I Googled: Red Panda (because my friend had no clue what one looked like)

First word that comes to mind: Books (I need to catch up on my reading lists)

Place that makes me happy: My bedroom (I have my bed and books there, ‘m pretty much set)

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 since it’s hotter than hell right now in AZ (and it’s not even summer yet)

Favorite character: Really? I have so many to choose from: Sasha Braus, Jean Kirschtein (horse god), Eren Yeager, Marco (freckled Jesus), Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Altaïr, Ezio, Malik, Korra, Dean and Sam Winchester, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Kira Yukimura …I could go on, but I’d rather not. I don’t want to bore you to death.
Favorite anime: The most impossible question. At the moment, probably a tie between Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul.
Favorite TV Show: Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Following, I like them all.
Last movie I watched in theaters: The Imitation Game. I haven’t cried during a movie in such a long time. If you haven’t gone and seen it yet, please do! It’s amazing.

Dream wedding: Something pretty standard I guess. Close friends and family.

Dream job: I have no idea at the moment.

What are you wearing right now: Dark grey Assassin’s Creed Unity t-shirt with blue jeans and my glasses.

Last book I read: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. It was an assignment for my English class.

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i need 2 edit my byf so it doesnt have like all my posts on it anymore

its nice w the attention especially when boss or tabi or raisse or dallas is the one paying attention to me but when im on mobile it just clogs my notifications when a bunch of people r liking everything so im *yawns* also its SUMMER and we all (maybe 1/10 of u) know that im different in summer!!!!!! its not summer yet but its summer anyway just chill