Artists of Inspiration

Just a list of artists who I find inspirational and/or awesome (aka the biggest shameless plug ever)

  • Kory Bing- creator of the webcomic “Skin Deep”
  • Coelasqued- creator of the webcomic “Manly Guys Doing Manly Things”
  • Tracy Butler- creator of the webcomic “Lackadaisy Cats”
  • Lina- creator of the “Frog Lad Project”
  • Dimespin- artist and fantastic world builder
  • Loppi- Illustrator for Playfish/EA Games
  • Bechnokid- Pokemon Gijinka artist
  • Kevin Bolk- creator of the comics “I’m My Own Mascot” and “Ensign Sue”
  • Buttbear- artist of cute animals and characters
  • Fuck Yeah! Monster Girls!- A whole collection of monster girls that I personally find inspirational. (NSFW)
  • Smalllindsay- animator, designer, and 1/2 creator of “Baman & Piderman”
  • Zeurel- animator of various animations
  • R-Wolfe- artist of various things, most of which are monsters and all things creepy and awesome
  • Manalon- anthro artist. likes bowser
  • Drew Green- Comic and Illustrator
  • Papermonkeyism- creator of Wurr. also known as wolfpearl on dA
  • Dick Jarvis- creator of the comic “Drunkards of the Cosmos”
  • Kevin Gemser- Character designer, illustrator, and comic artist
  • O-8- That guy who created the arcade fighting game “Skullgirls”
  • Savannahhorrocks- Illustrator and monster maker
  • Sfemonster- genderqueer illustrator and creator of the comic “Kyle & Atticus.” loves seals