Rape is wrong
Rape jokes are not funny
Rape is a crime
Rape is NOT funny and it will NEVER be
Rape can cause depression and many mental illnesses
Rape can cause many psychical illnesses
Rape will NEVER BE OK
Rape is not caused by the victims
Rape has no gender
Rape is caused by pervert assholes with a sick mind
Rapists should be punished by death

And parents, instead of telling your children what not to wear or what religion to follow, better TEACH THEM THAT RAPE IS WRONG. 

vigoureus replied to your post:[[MOR]omg there is this loser in the l.joe tag…

[ I agree on this. I saw those kind of things pass by in the Eunbi tag, too. she was one of my ultimate biases and a role model, seeing some people being disrespectful about her death makes me just… smh.

( I just don’t get what they gain from being like this ? If they aren’t liking her then they can go rant somewhere else than the Eunb tag. I hate disrespectful people, they are so irrogant and selfish tbh.