The Impact of Superheros

Superheros have always been huge in society. As the years have gone on it seems to get bigger but with new movies releasing and revamping the characters. Are the people who read the original comic books getting angry with some huge changes? As an individual who has read many comic books and all of the corresponding movies I have noticed that it is a little irriataing even if the actor does a good job. Such as Aquaman, Aquaman is a DC character and was originally created to have blonde hair and a very athletic body, but in the new DC Justice League film that is releasing he is being played by Jason Momoa. Don’t get me wrong Jason has many talents but as a comic book fan I feel that the need to have the look of the characters as close as possible to the comic book character. Also there is the same issue with Flash in the CW show he has brunette hair instead of having blonde like he does in the comic books. These details I feel brings in the comic book readers and helps them remember memories of their past. Maybe one day I can ask or even help participate in the casting of a future superhero movie.