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Remington would be a disaster. The optics are insurmountable. A sitting president shooting down a plane full of Americans is the end of his career, irrespective of whether he did so under orders, that's why military men face an uphill struggle in modern presidential politics. At any rate, part of the point of mentioning Fitz was that he appointed Jake and later re-instated Rowan as command, so his involvement, as they told Rosen, was proof he knew of B613. He would have been impeached for sure.

I was hoping for impeachment. I thought it would make a really interesting story arc, especially with Mellie as a Senator snd part of the hearings. It even brings Edison back short term. May still happen…

WhatsApp security bug allowing strangers to see your profile photo, irrespective of privacy settings: report

WhatsApp security bug allowing strangers to see your profile photo, irrespective of privacy settings: report

A new security bug found in WhatsApp now lets anyone see your profile photo even if you have set it to ‘Contacts-only’.

A 17-year-old security researcher, Indrajeet Bhuyan, discovered this problem. The problem occurred due to the new web version. It is said to be a result of the phone app not being  synced properly with the new web interface.

Basically, people usually prefer to share their…

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You Can Have A Lovely Marriage ceremony Irrespective Of Your Spending budget (four)

You Can Have A Lovely Wedding No matter Of Your Funds A lovely gown. A delicious cake. A fantastic celebration. Your marriage must be a magical working day. So why is it driving you nuts? Weddings can be a lot of work, but there are loads of techniques to make people tasks simpler. In this […]

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unpopular opinion: being mentally ill and/or disabled isn't an excuse for insulting people and being mean and irrespectful

I definitely agree with this. I think this topic has come up before and I like to, personally, remind myself that while my diagnosis may sometimes explain some of my behaviors- it is in no way an excuse for acting the way I have. I’m lucky in that I have people who won’t let me get away with shit and that’s really helpful for me so that I can take responsibility and learn from my actions. Sometimes a person’s diagnosis isn’t even the explaination for what happened to be honest. People have personalities and are humans outside of their disorders. We all make mistakes. It’s just the human thing to do. We just have to be able to own up to those mistakes when we make them.

It was my mum’s 60th bday and I had to make these the night before her thanksgiving *sigh*. I wish i had clearer pictures. But i think they turned out well for something sewn overnight #irrespective #of #being #sick

WYSKy News: BBC Is Creating A TV Movie About The Brontë Sisters!

Charlotte, Emily, and Anne are heading for the small screen

“The drama revolves around the three sisters’ increasingly difficult relationship with their brother Branwell, who in the last three years of his life – following a tragically misguided love affair – sank into alcoholism, drug addiction and appalling behaviour. Life at home with the Brontës at this time was not a comfortable place to be, and yet from this environment sprang their remarkable literary output.“To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters” explores the siblings’ relationship not only with one another, but with their father, a clever and unusual man, who grew up in an impoverished home in rural Ireland, who educated himself, and who was happy to encourage his children – irrespective of their sex – to become passionate about literature and its possibilities.”

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Why do you people support reducing the human male population to 10% of total human population? Being a male myself, I think that's grossly unfair & genocidal. Of course, males have limited capabilities when it comes to reproduction & propagation of our species (due to lack of wombs & eggs), but, at the same time, I sincerely believe that, practically, almost ALL healthy, able & law-abiding people, irrespective of their gender, race, etc, are NOT disposable. Even then, why do you support this?

Lmao who has even said reducing the population by 10% we’ve been over this kill all men bullshit too many times

Y'all need to stop twisting words


Mother seeks husband for her son in India’s first gay personals advert

In all but one word, the advertisement was like thousands of others published in the still hugely popular matrimonial section of newspapers across India every week.

“Seeking 25-40, Well Placed, Animal-Loving, Vegetarian Groom for my son (36, 5’11’’) who works with an NGO,” it read.

Printed in a tabloid newspaper on Tuesday, it was the first advertisement for a partner in a same-sex marriage in India, where homosexuality is illegal.

The son in question was Harish Iyer, a prominent Indian activist, and it was placed, as is traditional in this conservative country, by his mother.

“I’m proud of her. It was her idea. My mum was like: ‘You don’t have a boyfriend, you’re not so young.’ She was concerned for her ageing son like any Indian mum would be, irrespective of whether he is homosexual or heterosexual,” Iyer, 36, said.

Homosexuality was in effect re-criminalised in India in 2013 in a decision by the supreme court that stunned campaigners and led to international criticism.

Gay rights activists say gay people face significant discrimination and police harassment, even if prosecutions for same-sex activity have been rare.

Iyer said three major newspapers refused to carry the advertisement, on the grounds that it was illegal.

Sachin Kalbag, executive editor of the Mumbai daily Mid-Day, said there had never been any question of not publishing it.

“Normally if there is a problem with an ad, then the department will come to me. It raised no eyebrows at all. We are pro-equal rights and have been running vociferous campaigns against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation,” Kalbag said.

Gay activists say that though much prejudice remains in India, there is increasing support for their cause. Only about a dozen people attended India’s first gay pride march, in the eastern city of Kolkata in 1999. Now thousands gather there each year and similar events are held in Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities. Gay film festivals and university campus groups have also sprung up.

Homosexual marriages, however, remain a distant prospect.

“Historically, Indians have always had marriages arranged by parents or relatives as the preferred way of getting hitched. There has been an outpouring of support for the gay community but there remains a huge conservative community too, which is a majority and is unwilling to accept gays,” Kalbag said.

A 2009 judgment of the high court in Delhi to repeal the law banning gay sex, known as section 377, had been seen as a landmark in the campaign for equality in India.

Few had expected the 2013 legal challenge launched by conservatives – including Muslim and Christian religious associations, a rightwing politician and a retired bureaucrat turned astrologist – to succeed.

With a rightwing government currently in power, it is unlikely the new ban on homosexuality will be overturned soon.

India was recently ranked below below China, Nepal and Qatar in an index of “gay happiness”.

The last line of the advertisement for a husband for Iyer, who was listed among the 100 most influential gay men and women by the Guardian in 2013, has prompted some debate.

It read: “Caste no bar (though Iyer preferred)”.

The tenacious social caste system in India has long been attacked as discriminatory. The Iyer caste are brahmins, at the very top of the carefully graded hierarchy. Marriages between castes are increasingly common but remain rare. In Indian newspapers, marriage advertisement such as that placed by Iyer’s mother systematically express a caste preference.

“I don’t think [my mother] really meant it. It was more about finding someone from a familiar background who speaks the same language. But it doesn’t really matter to her,” Iyer said.

“It’s more like fixing a date. I’ll make my own choice. There’s no issue for me, as long as he is vegetarian and loves animals,” Iyer said.

Shattered and suffering from sleep deprivation, big Gordy climbs on his mountain bike for the 14 mile cycle home. It’s at times like this he rues the decision to downgrade to just one family car, but needs must and every penny is a prisoner. The driving rain and head on wind would normally be a curse, but with a body craving sleep, they act as a form of stimulus. It’s the 6th night on the trot of 12 hour shifts for Gordy, and despite the 72 our week demanding a heavy toll, Gordy welcomes the overtime.

What he does not look forward to however, is telling the kids the PS4 will have to wait, or the wife that the much needed new kitchen will have to be put on hold for the time being. The winter service on the family car Gordy will have to do himself, irrespective weather. Next year’s family holiday will have to wait for the following year. Hopefully.

Ranger’s season tickets and shares are the absolute priority for Gordy. Together, they are beyond the normal parameters of the normal family budget. But these are not normal times and Gordy is doing everything within his power to ensure he answers his club’s calling in its hour of need.

We all probably know someone like Big Gordy, in fact some of us may be him. All of us have probably wrestled with the kind of financial dilemmas Gordy has faced these last few years. Such people are the absolute life blood of our great club. And they deserve better, much, much better.

They deserve administrators at our club who negotiate contracts for the benefit of the club and not the self-serving needs of individuals.

They deserve people employed at our club who draw a wage which is commensurate with the role they undertake and the challenges the club faces.

In short they deserve people at the club who reflect their own willingness to sacrifice for the good of our club.

The gravy train, which so many associated with our club, have ridden these last few years, is not fuelled by some mysterious benefactor – it is fuelled by the blood sweat, tears and sacrifices by Big Gordy and thousands like him.

Alistair McCoist, MBE, and a few others – hang your heads in absolute shame.

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wravis replied to your post “i think my autistic traits contribute a lot to my views on sex as well…”

It’s weird, because I understand how separate sex and romance are. That they function irrespective of one another. But for me personally I cannot separate the two.

i think some people are just like that! and it’s not entirely cultural, oxytocin plays a big part in what a lot of people would describe as romantic feelings and thats released during sex

i know people with autism can have deficits in the oxytocin receptors which leads me to think that’s part of why a lot of autistic people are ace and/or aro?? is that the Good Feelings don’t translate the same way for a lot of us! but who knows. i know I do get good trusting vibes when I have sex w/ someone, and it’s prob a combination of that and the whole connotation of “you’re naked and unprotected and this person could stab your crotch with a pointy stick and make sure your genetics don’t pass down to further generations, but they’re not”

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Etisalat Rolls Out Easylife 4.0; A flat Tariff System

Easylife 4.0 Limited is a flat rate tariff service from Etisalat which allows subscribers make calls at 11 Kobo/sec. “With the Easylife 4.0 Limited edition, our customers can now make calls at 11 kobo per second to over 160 million Nigerians with a daily access charge of N5, irrespective of the network being called.” according to the company’s Chief Marketing officer (CMO) Mr Francesco Angelone.

Like the major operators in the over $25b Nigerian Telecom market, Etisalat has invested in fibre optic cables across Nigeria. This has helped increase the Telco’s revenue stream to $6b according to the CMO “Seven years ago, the telecom company began operations with zero revenue; today it is a $6 billion revenue generating company. Seven years ago, we had zero subscribers; today we have in excess of 22 million subscribers. Let me assure you that Etisalat will remain committed to delivering innovative, life enhancing products and services to our customers as we work to realise our vision of a world without limitations to communication,”

Source: NCC

Revenue across the industry in the Nigeria has been on the rise with increased demand for data by subscribers. In terms of subscriber base, Etisalat comes fourth among the major mobile operators in Nigeria and this is understandable considering it entered market six years ago.