Honestly young girls need to look out for each other. Irrespective of how many things that separate us Because if we don’t who will? Men, boys and even older women are out there constantly belittling us and diminishing our worth, our existence.
I’m just so tired of navigating the world as a young girl. I really need us all to come together. I need white girls to support girls of colour, I need straight girls to support queer girls, I need cis girls to support trans girls or people questioning their gender identity and rich girls to support girls who aren’t that well off. This isn’t simply a want but an absolute requirement for our development as a social sect. I’m just so tired of the world stepping all over us, so tired of the way we’re encouraged to breed hatred against one another, so tired of us bearing the burden of the world all the while being trivialised. Tired, tired and tired a little more.
Being a girl in itself is hard. Add to that the boundaries of race, class, orientation etc and I feel like I’m about to break.
I really really believe that all of us girls can come together and support each other. It’s never too late to make amends and to make systemic changes. And that’s why I’ll never turn my back on a young girl no matter how different she or they are from me. I really believe that compassion can transform a person you may think I’m naive or stupid but it’s true.
I really wish hope and pray that one day there will be no such thing as “girl hate” or internalised misogyny.

Not-so-gentle reminder that it’s been nearly a week, and @Louis_Tomlinson has yet to apologise for his homophobic outburst which hurt a lot of people.

When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole.  We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance.  Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do his will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone.  A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.
Capitalism’s grow-or-die imperative stands radically at odds with ecology’s imperative of interdependence and limit. The two imperatives can no longer coexist with each other; nor can any society founded on the myth that they can be reconciled hope to survive. Either we will establish an ecological society or society will go under for everyone, irrespective of his or her status.

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i don't know, i feel very sad, dean and cas hardly looked at each other, their interactions are getting ridiculous like they're trying to erase all the chemistry that's there because nohomo dude bross, i just can't enjoy it anymore

aww bb *hugs*

I have to say I kind of agree with you about their interaction though :|

regardless of the possible romantic relationship (and tbh I gave up hope on explicit canon destiel a while ago now) I just miss their friendship, how they used to talk and support one another when now they just… grunt? maybe, if we’re lucky?  

and it doesn’t matter how many other characters reference it - metatron’s 'in love with…. humanity' line and even cain talking about how much killing cas would hurt dean - we don’t get to see it on screen anymore, and I miss that :(

so sorry, nonnie, I don’t know how to make it better bc I can’t see it either atm, but I can offer you hugs and cookies, if that helps?

WhatsApp security bug allowing strangers to see your profile photo, irrespective of privacy settings: report

WhatsApp security bug allowing strangers to see your profile photo, irrespective of privacy settings: report

A new security bug found in WhatsApp now lets anyone see your profile photo even if you have set it to ‘Contacts-only’.

A 17-year-old security researcher, Indrajeet Bhuyan, discovered this problem. The problem occurred due to the new web version. It is said to be a result of the phone app not being  synced properly with the new web interface.

Basically, people usually prefer to share their…

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The German scientist who broke with the gender binary 100 years ago

When people ask me about the best book written about transgender people ever, I always answer Magnus Hirschfeld’s book from 1910. He called it The Transvestites, but by the way he used the term, it is clear that he meant  transgender, in the current umbrella sense of the word.

Elenea Mancini puts it this way in her book Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom:

"Hirschfeld canvassed and classified the rich diversity of people he encountered, not for the mere sake of accruing scientific data or accentuating that which separated certain groups of people from others, but rather to uncover the fundamental similarities between all people irrespective of their sexual orientation, identity, or ethnic and racial provenance. He did not establish hierarchies of qualities such as physical traits and characteristics or sexual practices. This gave his work a distinctive flavor in that it became not only an ethnographic recording of difference, but implicitly, a celebration of that difference as well." 

You can read more about the great sexologist and humanitarian Hirchfeld’s non-binary theory of transgender “intermediaries” in this blog post!

Photo of Magnus Hirschfeld and friends. Magnus is the one on the right, with the glasses. Top photo: Male to female transgender at the Eldorado Club, Berlin, 1933.

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How will having "TERF" followers endanger the (physical?) safety of your trans followers? Seriously? Irrespective of the rest of your stance, that's a mighty big logical leap.

My boundaries have been clearly stated: They are not here for negotiation.

My starting point is that old but now little understood, feminist slogan, ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’. In relation to violence, I suggest, this has two important meanings:

1/ The objectification of women in which our bodies are treated as objects for others to use, irrespective of our will or personhood, as in rape, child rape, prostitution, are damaging to ourselves. What is done to our bodies affects us. To survive the violent or assaultive use of our bodies we have to learn to dissociate to survive. In relation to prostitution the understanding ‘our bodies, ourselves’ enables us to recognise the harm of the dissociation that prostituted women have to use in order to survive the violation of the self that is constituted by commercial sexual violence.

2/ The slogan ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ also means that our bodies are not the problem. This was the understanding that underlay the consciousness raising groups that enabled so many women to accept the shape of their bodies and to give up makeup and other disguises. The problems that women and men may have with body shape, or genital configuration, are politically constructed out of a male supremacist society in which women, and some men, are sexually and physically violated by men, in which constructions of gender and the perfect body are used to enforce social control and the creation of male dominance and female subordination. Discontent with our bodies which arises from these political conditions is a political problem, and the mutilation of bodies is an attempt to cut up the bodies to fit them into an abusive political system instead of seeking to change the system to fit the bodies which people actually have.

the Opposer...

"The Opposer is the god-form of transgression; it personifies the essential ethos of the Crooked Path and is the totem of the sorcerous mentality. Its double-form is perceived in contemplating the two sides of a knife edge or the bifurcation of a serpent’s tongue. One may discuss the double-form in dualistic positive/negative terms or in male/female polarized terms. In the former mode the positive form is the attitude adopted by the sorcerer in order to be at one with a given environment of belief, that is, to use the surroundings, irrespective of their nature, as the vehicle of one’s path. The negative form is the conscious inversion of the forms of belief which are imposed upon oneself from outside and the use of their inverse forms as the vehicle of one’s path. The key is alternation between the two forms according to the needs of the sorcerer. In simple and illustrative terms: the positive application of the Opposer allows one to move unseen within any given environment of belief and to utilize it without incongruency, either within one’s own internal belief structure or in the system within which one is moving. The negative application liberates one from the imposition of belief-forms upon one’s perceptual purity by the deliberate over-turning of those imposed forms; the inverse belief-forms being taken as the expression of one’s own intent. An understanding of this secret reveals one reason why the Sabbatic Initiate could utilize the demonic symbology imposed upon the strata of folk-magic during the Inquisition; it also reveals why such an initiate could go to a Christian church without offence to himself or any others. One should bear in mind that the two forms or modes of praxis are means to the realization of the Opposer as the Force which transgresses all Nature."   

Andrew D. Chumbley, “The Sabbatic Cultus: an Interview with Andrew D. Chumbley” by Robert Fitzferald; Opuscula Magica Vol. 2

"…the Crooked Path may be seen as a perpetual dance between the stations of Holiness and Heresy, Tradition and the Deviation of the Path. Each momentary stance must be held in equipoise, the practitioner fully aware of the summit of its potentials, as well as their weaknesses, ultimately knowing that meditative integration will render all duality false and illusory."

Daniel A. Schulke, Foreward to Opuscula Magica Vol. 2

This manifest realization is something which has greatly impacted and fueled my sorcerous work in such ways as its realignment of personal praxis and as the vehicle for change I work to embody.

You Can Have A Lovely Marriage ceremony Irrespective Of Your Spending budget (four)

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