When people argue about John Lennon’s character and say things like, “as a man who said he wanted peace, he sure as hell didn’t act peacefully,” it makes me really mad.

The whole reason John was for peace, was so he could learn to be a better person. And if anyone who says something like, “he didn’t really try” or some shit you need to shut up because have you ever tried to make yourself better because speaking from personal experience it’s hard

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(i can start this off: a long, somewhat dark tale winding around a land full of ancient magic.  political intrigue, spellcasting, and adventuring all happen in good amounts.  someone talk to me let’s make an au)

To be honest, parents who have low expectations of their children are easier to live with as opposed to parents who expect everything of their kids.
Because when my parents ask “Have you written your book yet?” I want to scream that most great novels take years to write. Cassandra Clare begun writing City of Bones way back in 2004 and didn’t get published till 2007.
Because when they say “Go on X Factor and become a billionaire,” I want to scream that I don’t want my life laid out for the world to see, because I can’t handle it.
Because when they say “Why don’t you do this/why don’t you become that?” it makes me more adamant not to do it. I’m not a fucking robot. I’m human, and I break under pressure. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you want to do it. Life is miserable when you do something you don’t enjoy, and even more so when you have to live up to other people’s expectations.
The kids who have parents who expect little next to nothing of them are free. They make their own decisions and have no obligations, but usually they live to prove them wrong. Or sometimes they just say screw it and choose not to care.
There is a point to all this: you shouldn’t have to prove anything to anybody, not even those you care about and those who care for you. Because sometimes you have to think of yourself, because it’s you who will have to deal with the consequences of the choices you make; not them.
So live to impress yourself. When you look in the mirror before going out, don’t ask yourself Will everybody else like my outfit? but Am I satisfied with how I look? When you look at yourself and are disgusted at your weight, just think there are thousands of people who are skinnier/bigger than you—and they are satisfied with how they look. When someone says “Why is your hair that colour/why are you still a virgin/why are you wearing that/why are you working there?” say nothing. Because you have nothing to prove!

It's been a long time

Ngayon ko na lang ulit nakuhang buksan ang tumblr account ko. Sometimes busy because of school and sometimes, tinatamad lang talaga at walang mai-post. Kaso namimiss ko na kaya ito ako ngayon. Hahahaha corny ko naman. Namimiss ko na mag long post, yung tipong tuluy-tuloy ang pagta-type ko and ang mga posts ko, tuluy-tuloy rin. Haha. Iba talaga pag college student. You need to balance everything at minsan naaalis ko ang pagtu-tumblr sa balancing which is not that bad, i think? It’s for my own good naman. Hahaha. I miss tumblr.