ok but have you considered:

  • a davejade princess bride au

i mean come on

you cannot look at this and not tell me that sassy, messy-haired “no fucks given” sword boy isnt dave strider

i would of course have to alter the story a good bit bc jade wouldnt be as passive as buttercup by a looong shot BUT WHO’S WITH ME HERE

When people argue about John Lennon’s character and say things like, “as a man who said he wanted peace, he sure as hell didn’t act peacefully,” it makes me really mad.

The whole reason John was for peace, was so he could learn to be a better person. And if anyone who says something like, “he didn’t really try” or some shit you need to shut up because have you ever tried to make yourself better because speaking from personal experience it’s hard

It's been a long time

Ngayon ko na lang ulit nakuhang buksan ang tumblr account ko. Sometimes busy because of school and sometimes, tinatamad lang talaga at walang mai-post. Kaso namimiss ko na kaya ito ako ngayon. Hahahaha corny ko naman. Namimiss ko na mag long post, yung tipong tuluy-tuloy ang pagta-type ko and ang mga posts ko, tuluy-tuloy rin. Haha. Iba talaga pag college student. You need to balance everything at minsan naaalis ko ang pagtu-tumblr sa balancing which is not that bad, i think? It’s for my own good naman. Hahaha. I miss tumblr.