Text to Grace
  • Dax:Are you working right now? If so you should text me back pronto because I'm impatient, but you shouldn't be on your phone at work so I'm gonna walk from DC home and tell your boss. You ready for Saturday morning, Rocky? 3 am, yeah?
Important Notification

This is, in no way, a main blog, meaning I can’t make you follow rules or the people listed here, nor do I want to do so; that decision is completely entitled to each and every one of you, but here will be listed the characters from players of former I-roleplay group that decided to stay true to the roleplay’s setting and rules.

Since we don’t have Rika and Taylor doing a wonderful job of deciding about applications, this will be a closed list of people that were part of the roleplay - and invited people - only. If any of you would like to interact with other people, feel free to, but it is up to the players to unfollow your character if they find it rather confusing.

Keep also in mind that, since we aren’t a main, we don’t keep bios, so it is important for plotting purposes that you have it somewhere in your blog. Again, not mandatory, but it would be nice.

If your character’s name aren’t listed there, feel free to message the blog.

Well, now let’s get back to our roleplay scheduling and message people, and plot, shall we.