The pan-seared breast of Chicken Marsala served by the Baltimore Convention Center’s exclusive caterer was the food item most commonly consumed by the 216 attendees sickened by the lunch served last April 9 at the Food Safety Summit’s annual conference. It was likely contaminated with Clostridium perfringens (C. perfringens), a spore-forming gram-positive bacterium commonly found on raw meat and poultry.

According to the report being released today by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the illnesses experienced at the 2014 Food Safety Summit in Baltimore were attributed to C. perfringens. Those sickened experienced symptoms of diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, headaches, chills, vomiting and fever between April 8-12, 2014.

About two-thirds of those sickened experienced the symptoms after eating the chicken lunch that was served by the Baltimore Convention Center’s catering company called Centerplate, according to the final report of the investigation that used epidemiological, environmental and laboratory methods to reach its conclusions.


It’s funny, because the history of Christianity in the late Roman Empire is pretty similar to the history of Rock ‘n Roll in America. 

It originates amongst an oppressed minority group.

When it first comes out, it’s all dangerous and subversive, and the moral guardians lose their shit about its assault on traditional values.

Then you fast forward a few decades/centuries, and suddenly it’s been completely adopted by all facets of the dominant culture, except all of the same oppressive power structures are still very much in place, and the oppressed people who originated it are still very much oppressed.