Attention London Superhusbands fans!


Attention London Steve Tony Fans!

Greetings Steve/Tony fans! This is a message from the London group. 

If you like SteveTony, and you’ll be headed down to the London MCM Expo on the 25th-27th of May in Londons Excel [Convention details here] we’re organising a meetup on the Saturday! 

  • Event: SteveTony meetup - Saturday 26th October
  • Time: 3PM
  • Place: N1 – Inside the Excel Centre  
  • Details: Just to get to know everyone, a small meetup which would involve hanging out, a picnic on premises, talking, mingling. It’d be great to meet other fans in the UK! Whether you like MCU or comics, this is open to everyone who shares a love for the pairing. 

If you are interested in attending please drop the group a message in our inbox, and spread the word if you can! We’d like to make this a small gathering and just have fun with people who share common interests. 

You don’t strictly have to be into Steve/Tony to attend, feel free to bring friends who also like Marvel! 

Once we get more than 10 people attending, we’ll release an attendees list so we know what sort of numbers to expect, and how much food to bring. But if you guys could also bring snacks too, that’d be great! (If you don’t want to be included in the attendees list then please tell us! We understand you may want your privacy) 

How will you know its us? 

We’ll have a sign! Don’t worry! 

anonymous said:

so HOw did you and Steve meet anyway?

Well I’d heard about him from my dad before we met cus he had worked with him back in WWII, before the whole frozen in the Arctic Circle for 70 years incident. We actually met through the Avengers Initiative thing Fury dragged us into and we didn’t really get on so hot at first but we managed to sort that out later…