Artist Daniel Kamarudin has created a series of art that reimagines several characters from Marvel’s Avengers in a dark fantasy alternate universe. It’s called Avengers: Dark Fantasy, and these designs definitely look more badass than the original ones. They look like they could be Planeswalkers from Magic: The Gathering. Check out these amazing artworks:

My Highlights From Avengers: AOU

Okay, so after weeks of waiting, I finally got to see Avengers: Age of Ultron and all I can say is… I’m very pleased with what I saw (although a lot of people I hear felt the opposite as opposed to the first Avengers film).Overall I liked the story, the action and I liked seeing some more of our favorite Marvel Heroes come to life. Here are some highlights from the film! *SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED*

*My reaction when the movie was done- even past the screen credits :)*


Seeing Characters from the other Marvel films + combined Story lines

It was nice to see the other characters from the other Avengers films. Among them were Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthonie Mackie), James Rhodes aka Warmachine (Don Cheadle), Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard), Heimdall (Idris Elba), and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) plus there’s was the mention of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Pepper Potts (Gwenyth Paltrow). I wonder why Gwyneth was not in this film particularly the party scene- she was probably filming something then. Anyway there’s an additional character we see but in the end credits (that much I won’t to spoil). In addition to seeing these characters, I really like how some of the story lines from their own films added to this film. With Thor we got to see his world again, and we got know more elements dealing with that (btw the water sprite scene was interesting only I wish we saw more!). Also we got to see Cap’s world too. At one point he and Sam discuss the halt on their mission to find a missing someone (who we all know is Bucky) and we got to see him reunite with Peggy, during his own battle with the mind games magic from Scarlet Witch. 

Humanity of Our Heroes

We really did see a lot of this in the film. The fact that we got too see what bothered or even scared the Avengers was good. We see that Tony is still dealing with the effects of the invasion from the first film and we also get a glimpse into Natasha’s past and through that we’re able to learn that it was a brutal one. I also like what they did with Clint/Hawkeye. The fact that he has a wife and 3 children (one on the way) wasn’t something any of us were expecting including the heroes, well except for Natasha haha. In the end I liked seeing them ease up and become like normal people on the farm and the conversation between Bruce and Natasha reminded me of conversations I’ve heard today. Bruce is afraid to enter love because of what he is and what he’s done and many of us are like that including myself. But Natasha is willing to take a chance despite who she is and what she’s done and we can all learn from that.

The Relationship between Bruce and Natasha

You know what I didn’t see this coming. I thought Natasha and Clint would end up together. But then Clint’s family came along and immeditately I thought “Oh wow, there’s no chance of that happening now”. With the Bruce/Natasha relationship, I thought it was nice to see and I think they make a great couple. (As a fangirl would say: I totally ship it!) As I saw more of the relationship unravel, I felt that somehow Bruce and Natasha needed each other, especially when they explained more about themselves in this particularly scene. They have so many similarities- some that were obvious that I had not noticed. In some ways they would help each other after all we do see that Hulk’s lullaby involves Natasha. Anyway I would love to see more of these two in the future, but that’s for the producers/writers to decide. What do you think should they “run with it”? ;D

The Humor (Of Course!)

As usual the people behind these films know how to give great humor and I loved it in this film. Even the villain Ultron had me giggling at some points and I wasn’t expecting that! Robert Downey Jr. always does a good job delivering casual humor as Tony and one of my favorite parts in this film was when as he is battling the Hulk, at one point he punches him down with sort of like a punching drill machine and as he does he says “Go to sleep, Go to sleep, Go to sleep.” xD! The Language Jokes dealing Capt/Steve were funny, too. Poor Steve had everyone coming at him with that one- thanks Tony! 

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

I’m so glad that we are getting to see more heroes (and even villains) come to life on screen. We’ve seen Quicksilver before onscreen in X-men: Days of Future Past and as a fan I would say that’s my favorite onscreen version. But this Quicksilver is wonderful too, but I would’ve liked to see more of him. Unfortunately that’s not guaranteed because of his death. I wish they had not killed him, but I suspect they may have killed him because of the conflict of having him onscreen (You know the big issue with Fox and Marvel Studios). Anyway Quicksilver’s action scenes were well done and very entertaining-Aaron Taylor Johnson killed it! Scarlet Witch was nice to see onscreen and Elizabeth Olson did a nice job portraying her. I’m looking forward to seeing what the film makers are going to do with her in the upcoming films. I would hope they would go in line with the comic books, but with their agreement on not ever mentioning the X-men or mutants, I can understand if they were to come up with a story line of their own.

Introduction of Ulysses Klauw and Wakanda 

I don’t know much about the character of Ulysses Klaw, but I do know he’s an antagonist of the Black Panther. Also Wakanda is mentioned and I think they may have ended up traveling there ( I missed some bit of dialogue during the mention)! This is giving way for the Black Panther film which I’m heavily looking forward to. By the way Andy Serkis did a fabulous job as this guy and did anyone notice how huge he was in the film? By the looks of it, Ulysses seems like a brute. Nice job Smeagol/Gollum :D!

The Vision

The Vision. Haha, I had to put that in Italics. He’s such a dynamic and beautiful character. In the film we expect him to turn against the team so I understood why some of the Avengers were fearful about him coming to life (I would too if I knew if something was created by Ultron) but then we see that he’s sort of harmless. He is compassionate, caring and understanding and I love his view on life. But Vision is not someone you can mess with- He holds an infinity stone which makes him incredibly powerful, plus he was able to pick up Thor’s hammer Mjonir :0! I loved Thor and everyone’s reaction. I know deep down we were all thinking “So is he worthy???”

The Brief Eye Contact between Vision and Wanda

This I thought was brilliant and wonderful of the writers to add, although I’ve got to be careful of depending too much on this: you never know if film makers decide to change things here and there. Anyway as us fans already know, Vision and Scarlet Witch actually get together and even married in the comic books! So that little eye contact they had during Wanda’s rescue in the film was great to see- I had so many feels! It’s a hint that we might get to see these two come together in the future and hopefully it turns out that way!

Clint aka Hawkeye in General

Clint as a person is a great guy in this film and he’s someone you’d love to get to know in real life. Clint knows more of family life than most of the Avengers and because of this I feel like he was able to help out Wanda and even the rest of the Avengers! I liked the scene where he lays beside a dead Pietro and he utters something about having a long day, but we know what he means as the camera continues to stay on them- It’s such a devastating scene :(. I was hoping somehow Pietro would be brought to life, but nope! What I’m still wondering, though, is who got his body on one of the ships, was it Hawkeye or Captain? I’m also glad that whoever it was, did, the whole time I was thinking it would be horrible if they left poor Pietro. Anyway Clint ended up naming his new little boy after Pietro (and Natasha) and that was really sweet.

Vision vs. Ultron

The scene where Vision confronts Ultron for the last time is my one of my favorite scenes in the film. The discussion between them is something that we have to ask ourselves. Should humanity be alive today or not? Are we worth living? Do our past and even present mistakes define us or can we learn to grow from those mistakes? Vision also mentions “A thing doesn’t need to last in order for it to be beautiful.” (or I believe something along those lines.) What do you think, do you agree or disagree?

Anyway those are some of my highlights from the film. I look forward to reading other’s views on the film as well. Have a Great day!

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