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I really want to get into DC comics, specifically Nightwing, but I don't know where to start. I picked up two issues but they were from '95 because that was all the comic book store had. Can you help me? ;___;

For specifically Nightwing, I’d start at Nightwing: Year One. It’s the easiest place to start! Then I’d pick up Nightwing: Freefall (issue #140) and go from there. 

For other Dick Grayson, I’d get Robin: Year One, Teen Titans: Year One, Batman: The Black Mirror, and Batman and Robin volume 1: Batman Reborn. 

Hope that helps!

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ironjudas replied to your post: pretty sure i might be losing cable soon. and/or…

Hopefully itll dissipate! Cause it didnt even touch here and we were supposed to be getting awful thunderstorms and shit. But we just got some rain. So hopefully youll keep your cable :D

we’re getting the nasty stuff now. the cable’s gone and i don’t feel like going to put in a movie. and i’m supposed to go take the litter from the litter box outside and i’m like ‘eh…i don’t wanna be electrocuted’ but i probably will still take it outside and just be wet for a while.

as long as it doesn’t produce tornadoes or something, i’m okay :D