ironhale replied to your post: i  got an F- on a paper on my mom’s cancer …

I got a D on a paper I wrote about my mom’s type of lupus back in high school. I don’t even.

i’m so fucking angry. like, i can write better than 95% of people in that class and i get an F because i didn’t fucking find sources on a paper about my mom and myself and how i’m dealing with it??? i don’t want to fucking interview people about this because i don’t fucking like to talk about it. i get that he wants more stupid fucking sources but an F is fucking ridiculous.

ironhale asked:

Hips, Fingers, Tongue (because those were the 3 I saw while scrolling) :)

Hips: I love to dance, but I can only do it for short periods of time because of my gimpy feet. And only like…ballroom or swing.

Fingers: I play several, actually! Piano is my main, but I also play the flute, the fife, mallets (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, etc), drums, and I sing.

Tongue: Well, it was McDonalds (and I hate myself for it), so some sort of beef product, cheese, mayo (egg yolk, oil, vinegar, lemon, salt, possibly ground mustard seed), pepper, bread, sesame seeds, potato, tea, sugar.